D&D 5E Non-Combat Encounter

Non-Combat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

terrain: sources:

Miotri is a fierce female human cult fanatic with formal clothes. She has a large family and seeks to make a trade with a venerable mage
At a cottage by an igloo and a pond of cracked ice. the area is covered with virgin snow. There are recent footprints in the snow
They are guarding the route

Baharoosh Furrele is a selfish dragonborn veteran holding a set of pan pipes. She is easily distracted by new questions and has a love of gambling and a challenge for a PC
At an area of damaged grass. the sky is filled with clouds in strange shapes
They are exploring the area

Thea is a chaotic succubus/incubus with a shaved head. They are actually a doppelganger and have heard bad things about one of the PCs
At a hamlet carved into a cliff. A bush of bright red berries
They are on a spiritual journey


1 Roc

They are the mount of a nearby creature
At a shimmering campfire and a shallow sinkhole. it is sunny
They are searching for a place or person

They offer to share some of their food
At a rock outcrop covered in jagged ice. there are chunks of shattered ice
They are guarding a location