D&D 5E Non-Combat Encounter

Non-Combat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid [dnd5e] [encounters] [non-combat]

terrain: sources:

They are mourning the death of a pet
At a decorated bench surrounded by flowers. several small fissures cover the area
They are are looking for someone

Lorilla is a grizzled druid with a nervous eye twitch. He is an outcast from society and seeks to find a cursed spear
At a patch of dying moss by a mound of crisp snow and a tunnel entrance
They are foraging for herbs

Alston Gimlen is a stubborn male gnome thug with rotting teeth. He adores rain and is hunting for a hippogriff to train
At a sheet of ice. The area is associated with bats. this is a rainbow
They are trying to steal something

They attempt to follow you at a distance
At a part-buried wizard's tower. It is associated with a power of water. there are a few bushes of red berries
They are are starting a new phase in their life

Nevil Quickstep is a well-dressed halfling priest with a brightly patterned shield. He believes in avoiding hard work and is currently laughing at something
At a glacier of blue ice. An igloo or pile of old furs
They are resting