5e Character Idea

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character


Cam is a male tiefling Barbarian

Background - Sailor
Family - Your entire family traveled the lands with a few wagons. You were welcomed as entertainers and traders, moving on after a week or so. Your grandparents are still in charge and keep in contact.
Distinctive Appearance - I have hair that smolders and crackles in the sun

Trait - I am obsessed with angels and creatures of good
Ideal - Charity. There are always those worse off than me and I try to help those
Bond - My family is promised to a fiend. I hope to break that bond
Flaw - I'm always in debt to someone or something

Trinket - a rustic ear made from pewter with an inspirational quote carved in Dwarven showing a plant-monster below a dragon
Possible devilish trait - I have fallen from grace in the eyes of many (Zariel)
Possible Pet - Whiskers is a pheasant . They have unexplained scales or hair and turn invisible when frightened

Delebean "Stumbleduck" Leffery is a male gnome Cleric

Background - Outlander
Family - Your father is a miser who rarely gave attention to his children. He was shunned by other gnomes and was obsessed with writing his book

Trait - I'm always fiddling with things to discover how they work
Ideal - Generosity. I will happily give up what I don't need for the advancement of all
Bond - My place of work is the most important thing I have.
Flaw - I'm always in debt, but I always have a plan for getting out of it

Trinket - a clasp made from flint with a prayer to a power of the moon that is a good luck charm
Possible Pet - Amber is a smart fox that is always stealing food and is missing a leg.

Dreaii Cithreth is an elf Ranger

Background - Noble
Family - Enemies burnt your family's village to the ground on the day you were born. You were raised by different aunts, uncles and cousins who have been planning to restart the village for the last decade .

Trait - I use simple words so that others can understand me
Ideal - I have a fascination with those who live less than a century
Bond - Retribution. I will answer insults and injustices to my kind where others will not
Flaw - I believe in play before work and rarely get to the work part

Trinket - An ornate comb made from seashells
Elven wine - Labereth White is stored in exquisite bottles and is full-bodied with a fruity finish.
Possible Pet - Luna is a lizard. They are old and it shows

Vonbin Foamjaw is a male dwarf Wizard

Background - pirate
Family - you have one older sibling and one younger sister. Your mother is a skilled cartographer and looked after you

Trait - I prefer action to planning and talking
Ideal - Responsibility. It is our duty to uphold laws and respect authority
Bond - I seek to become a master of my craft
Flaw - I am obsessed with removing the shame caused by one of my parents

Trinket - a scented wooden tavern sign
Possible Pet - Splinter is an inquisitive cat. They are very territorial

Mican Reedfellow is a male halfling Druid

Background - Entertainer
Family - Your family are famed for their cider. Many evenings you would sing to the apple trees. Fey creatures often came and left gifts. Your mother sends you a batch of cider every year

Trait - I am always willing to cheer up others
Ideal - Present. The future has yet to come and the past has gone. Live only for the moment.
Bond - I'm always looking for new plants and seeds to improve my garden
Flaw - I don't like change or new ideas

Trinket - a marble bust
Possible Pet - Felix is a feathered sea snail. They are old and it shows and they were given to you by family