D&D 5E Character Idea


Esvele is a female human Cleric

Background - Sailor
Family - One of your grandparents saved a local city. You and your brothers grew up hearing their deeds and seek to follow them

Trait - I live day to day. What has happened and what might happen don't matter
Ideal - Respect. All people, whatever their background, deserve respect
Bond - My bloodline descends from ancient times
Flaw - I can't resist a challenge

Trinket - a rope noose with directions to a tower in Infernal
Possible Distant Ancestry - metallic dragon
Possible Pet - Regal is a hawk that likes to be the center of attention. You won them in a contest

Anverth Bafflestone is a male gnome Warlock

Background - Criminal
Family - Your wandering parents left in the care of an aunt. She was an avid gambler and some weeks you went hungry and others you feasted well.

Trait - I love to stand in gardens for hours at a time
Ideal - Freedom. Everyone should be able to learn what they want and make a living as they please
Bond - Nothing is more important than the group of inventors and thinkers I belong to.
Flaw - My curiosity often blinds me to danger

Trinket - an astrolabe made from metal beads with a motto engraved in Sylvan
Possible Pet - Granny is an enchanted sparkly stone that follow you somehow. Appearing even when lost

Palin is a human Paladin

Background - Criminal
Family - Your family breeds rare animals and as the oldest child you were expected to keep up the family tradition

Trait - I can't pay attention to anything for long
Ideal - Greed. Wealth and a better life are the reasons for the adventuring life
Bond - I want to make the world a better place for future generations
Flaw - Pride will be my downfall

Trinket - a constantly-vibrating rod that always feels warm to the touch
Possible Distant Ancestry - celestial
Possible Pet - Slasher is a lizard. They have exotic colored eyes and they belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead

Shestendeliath Driindar is a female dragonborn Sorcerer

Background - Folk Hero
Family - Your family are part of a proud clan. One of your parents died in an honor duel and so did your oldest sibling. Others of your family look to you to right the wrong
Draconic Ancestry - Green Dragon ancestry with trait of "I plan for the day when dragonkind will rule over all others" and physical aspect "I have a tall crest that flows from my eyes down to my spine"

Trait - I am always planning years and decades in advance
Ideal - Clan. Stand with the many not the few
Bond - I am in love with someone not hatched from an egg
Flaw - I am afraid of dragons and anything to do with them

Trinket - A scabbard made from gold-colored wood that belonged to a great warrior
Possible Pet - Dragon is an old weasel. They love playing with new toys and you rescued them from a laboratory or other place

Chathi Nathandem is a human Cleric

Background - Charlatan
Family - One of your ancestors defeated a fiend. You hope to create a shrine dedicated to them and your family is watchful for vengeful cultists

Trait - I can't pay attention to anything for long
Ideal - Adaptability. The world is in motion and we must move with it or be left behind
Bond - I have a rival and do anything to prove myself the better person
Flaw - I can't resist a challenge

Trinket - A damaged lantern that reminds you of your first love
Possible Distant Ancestry - snake-creature
Possible Pet - Pepper is an old mule that has belonged to several adventurers