5e Character Idea

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character


Varazina Loderr is a male half-orc ranger

Background - spy
Family - Your father is a famed apocathery and your mother is a famed mystic. You are the eldest child and expected to keep up the family tradition

Trait - What others call laziness I call efficiency
Ideal - Freedom. Everyone should be able to walk their own path
Bond - There is a great evil I am destined to destroy
Flaw - I have difficulty seeing the viewpoint of others

Trinket - an elegant ring made from ceramic with the name Bolt written on it
Possible Pet - Milo is a large spider. They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft. you got them to replace another beloved companion that is no more

Tarilniell is a human druid

Background - knight
Family - Your parents died when you were young but were adopted by another race. No one told you about your parents for years and spent much of your youth alone. A cousin recently told you a secret about your parents

Trait - I take great pleasure in the simple things of life
Ideal - People. The people around me are all that matter, not ideals
Bond - My bloodline descends from ancient times
Flaw - I'll do anything for a chance of glory

Trinket - a horned amulet that makes you feel calm when you hold it
Possible Pet - Fang is a giant lizard. They have a favourite trick of playing dead

Morkral Mindale is a human barbarian

Background - knight
Family - You were adopted by another race. you have one younger sister ou had to contend with an omen

Trait - I idolize a hero of my people and refer often the their deeds and legends
Ideal - Freedom. Everyone should be able to walk their own path
Bond - My friends are everything and I would do anything for them
Flaw - I'll risk anything for wealth and status

Trinket - a petrified halfling toe showing a family scene
Possible Pet - Slasher is a friendly deer. They try to follow you everywhere and look thin and underfed

Fablen Gilttergem is a dark elf monk

Background - outlander
Family - you are the youngest of eight. Your family is scattered Your last parent is dying and is planning a massive funeral

Trait - I live day to day. What has happened and what might happen don't matter
Ideal - Adaptability. The world is in motion and we must move with it or be left behind
Bond - I need wealth to pay off a great family debt
Flaw - I can't resist a challenge

Trinket - a clockwork kenku ear decorated with a spider
Possible Pet - Oscar is a goat. They try to spend all their time in or near water and like to wake people up during the night

Grio is a gnome cleric

Background - entertainer
Family - you have one twin brother. Your father is a renowned artificer and revealed a great secret to you

Trait - When I grow angry or jealous I blame it on the fiendish blood of my great-grandparent.
Ideal - Adventure. To keep testing yourself against new challenges is to live fully
Bond - I love to show off my collection and add more things to it
Flaw - I'll risk anything for wealth and status

Trinket - a silver locket marked with a riddle
Possible Pet - Buddy is a sheep. They like to hide shiny things and they belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead