D&D 5E Character Idea


Greed is a male tiefling Ranger

Background - Urchin
Family - Your family is marked by a powerful pit fiend. Each member tries to repay the ancient debt. Your older sister failed and soon it will be your turn
Distinctive Appearance - My hair grows randomly in different colored hues of fire

Trait - My plans are always too elaborate
Ideal - Knowledge. I seek understanding to unlock the powers of my heritage
Bond - Any type of forbidden lore is lore I must have
Flaw - I nurse grudges for the right time to avenge them

Trinket - The history of a legendary warlock inscribed in tiny writing onto metal cup
Possible Pet - Princess is a gaunt weasel. They have been reanimated.

Reddlepop "Ashhearth" Dunben is a female gnome Wizard

Background - Sage
Family - You were raised by a clockwork golem in an enchanted tower. You and your cousin Lizard used to explore nearby caves together

Trait - I'm fascinated by the dark secrets of people and places
Ideal - Independence. Only by questioning things can you make a difference in the world
Bond - I wish to have many stories told of me when I am gone.
Flaw - I awoke something I shouldn't of and they are driving me mad with their dreams

Trinket - a mossy lump of marble
Possible Pet - Troll is an excited duck . They love playing with new toys and are old and it shows

Callie is a female halfling Rogue

Background - Criminal
Family - Your family are famed for their cider. Many evenings you would sing to the apple trees. Fey creatures often came and left gifts. Your mother sends you a batch of cider every year

Trait - I'm full of my mother/s fathers proverb for everything
Ideal - Friendship. bonds of friendship mean far more than coins or pretty things
Bond - I am the last of my family and I must keep their stories alive
Flaw - When things get tough, I'm normally not there any more

Trinket - an elven glass egg that was given to your family by a gnome
Possible Pet - Felix is a furry wild horse. They are marked with an elven rune

Gorev Gharti is a male human Cleric

Background - Soldier
Family - You were raised by another race in an isolated community. Two of your adopted siblings have always talked of seeing the outside world.

Trait - I admire those with style or wealth
Ideal - Destiny. I am fated to do great things. I have a duty to this fate
Bond - I would die for my beliefs
Flaw - I can't resist a challenge

Trinket - A lucky copper piece that fills you with belief when held
Possible Distant Ancestry - demon
Possible Pet - Flotsam is an ugly giant weasel . They like to be near fire and are always getting lost but turn up in the strangest of places

Alain is a female halfling Bard

Background - Charlatan
Family - Your great-grandmother is the oldest halfling around. Respected for her wisdom, many come seeking secrets of her long life and to copy pages from her thick recipe books.

Trait - I have a great faith in my luck
Ideal - Tradition. We have prospered with the lifestyle for centuries. Why change it now?
Bond - I take from those who don't need things to give to those who do
Flaw - I find it hard to leave behind any of life's comforts

Trinket - A glass jar that always feels warm to the touch
Possible Pet - Bigby is a demanding unique seabird. They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft.