5e Character Idea


Vondal is a male dwarf Ranger

Background - knight
Family - you are the oldest of six. Your father is a famed seer and recently died

Trait - I am suspicious of change and innovation
Ideal - Faith. I trust the dwarf gods will guide me. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well
Bond - I seek to become a master of my craft
Flaw - I live with a secret that would bring shame to my clan if revealed

Trinket - A small chain that moves like a snake
Possible Pet - Oscar is a docile gull. They try to follow you everywhere

Theriatis is a male elf Druid

Background - Sailor
Family - You have several half-elven brothers and siblings and grew up in a loud and chaotic home of noise, song, dance and art.

Trait - I always choose love and friendship over wealth or prestige
Ideal - I work to restore an ancient elven library or place of magic
Bond - Nature. I prefer a life of simple pleasures.
Flaw - I have trouble thinking in days or hours instead of decades and centuries

Trinket - a bare herb pouch
Elven wine - Faeriedew is a wine which continually changes color. Druids like it for the vivid visions it creates
Possible Pet - Gond is an old giant sea horse. They are very overweight

Katernin Kulenov is a human Fighter

Background - Sage
Family - You grew up an only child raised by you father. You inherited a book detailing the deeds of three generations of adventurers including your mother

Trait - My good looks are there for all to see
Ideal - People. The people around me are all that matter, not ideals
Bond - I love to show off my collection and add more things to it
Flaw - I seek immortality at any cost

Trinket - a preserved human eye
Possible Distant Ancestry - dwarf
Possible Pet - Bigby is a dog that regards everything as possible food and you rescued from an alchemist

Riardon is a male elf Wizard

Background - Outlander
Family - Several elves of different ancestries have married into your family. Your parents are both diplomats and you saw many places as you grew up.

Trait - I fall in and out of love easily, with people of many ancestries
Ideal - My art is everything and I am ready to create it wherever I go
Bond - Nature. I prefer a life of simple pleasures.
Flaw - I did something that got me banished for 100 years

Trinket - A bag of seeds that gets a new one every dawn
Possible Pet - Bubbles is a songbird. They have been reanimated. they were a gift from a lover

Brygus is a minotaur Paladin

Background - Urchin
Family - Your mother is a military leader and your father is a skilled illusionist. You are their oldest child and both try to control your life

Trait - The more danger there is the happier I get
Ideal - Pride. I will do anything to be the best there is
Bond - Another helped me from seeking a dark, dangerous path of slaughter
Flaw - I am stubborn in my beliefs and philosophy

Trinket - a beast mask made from ash signed by a a dwarven artist that glows different colors to match your mood
Horns - Intricate patterns of color cover your horns
Possible Pet - Princess is a small giant fire beetle. They know and can cast one cantrip. you rescued them from a laboratory or other place