5e D&D Character Idea

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character

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Kralf Ironsmite is a dwarf artificer

Background - pirate
Family - You were raised by your older sibling. . You had to contend with an omen

Trait - I strive to prove myself to the world and those around me
Ideal - Mastery. If you can master yourself you can master the world
Bond - I am the last of my family and I will bring my wrath down on those who harmed them
Flaw - I am inflexible in my beliefs

Trinket - a damaged mirror made from bronze
Possible Pet - Selune is an inquisitive wild horse. They want to be the center of attention

Carlo is a halfling cleric

Background - acolyte
Family - You were raised by among a cult. Your adopted siblings love you. You recently learnt that you have a long-lost sibling

Trait - I am tolerant of other people, cultures and beliefs
Ideal - Tradition. The tales and legends of my people must be remembered and passed on to others
Bond - I will do anything to prove myself superior to my hated rival
Flaw - I'll risk anything for wealth and status

Trinket - a tortoise shell that always smells of dead bodies
Possible Pet - Golden is a yellow cactus. They wear a small bell or other item that makes a noise

Caemmor is a male half-elf druid

Background - guild artisan
Family - You were adopted by distant family. ou had to contend with being left to die

Trait - When I grow angry or jealous I blame it on the fiendish blood of my great-grandparent.
Ideal - Greed. Wealth and a better life are the reasons for the adventuring life
Bond - I want to be famous, whatever it takes
Flaw - I'll do anything for a chance of glory

Trinket - a piece of glass
Possible Pet - Milo is a dark toad. They are healthy and vibrant

Esmerelda Hillsong is a gnome wizard

Background - folk hero
Family - You family life was dominated by...mentor.

Trait - I live day to day. What has happened and what might happen don't matter
Ideal - Respect. All people, whatever their background, deserve respect
Bond - I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person's
Flaw - I spend money as fast as it comes to me

Trinket - a translucent silver spoon with the symbol of a great priest that gives the sensation of falling when squeezed
Possible Pet - Gond is a docile beetle. They are affectionate and always wants attention and can speak but only know four phrases

Quinctilia is a male half-orc fighter

Background - entertainer
Family - a dragon and a power of knowledge use your family as pawns in their old contest. a family member are penniless. You see them in your dreams

Trait - I try to see the good side of everything
Ideal - Responsibility. It is the duty of all people to make the world around them a good place
Bond - My destiny is there for me to fulfill if I have the courage to act it out
Flaw - I spend money as fast as it comes to me

Trinket - a toy shark fin
Possible Pet - Flumph is a scruffy strange insect. They are marked with an elven rune and have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft