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Mei is a human Paladin

Background - Charlatan
Family - You grew up an only child raised by you father. You inherited a book detailing the deeds of three generations of adventurers including your mother

Trait - What others call laziness I call efficiency
Ideal - Freedom. Everyone should be able to walk their own path
Bond - My faith and those who share it give me strength
Flaw - I seek immortality at any cost

Trinket - a gnomish flask made from silver with an inspirational quote in Elven that is a family heirloom
Possible Distant Ancestry - shapechanger
Possible Pet - Shadow is a small fire beetle. They are afraid of the dark and they were a gift from a lover

Mystan Kerkad is a dragonborn Monk

Background - Folk Hero
Family - You were raised by your adopted parents. you have one older sister and three younger siblings. You had to contend with wealth
Draconic Ancestry - Black Dragon ancestry with trait of "My appearance is the most important thing" and physical aspect "I have colorless scales that appear like ice"

Trait - I feel sorry for those who don't command the power of dragons
Ideal - Community. The power of family is because of the help we give each other
Bond - My ancestor was a noted dragon and I seek out their descendants
Flaw - I'm obsessed with becoming a true dragon

Trinket - an embalmed orc eye
Possible Pet - Troll is a gentle poisonous snake. They think they are a different type of creature

Malcer Brightwood is a male human Barbarian

Background - Folk Hero
Family - You are the youngest of seven children in a farming family. Your last parent is dying and there is already bad blood over the inheritance

Trait - I frequently fall in love
Ideal - Adaptability. The world is in motion and we must move with it or be left behind
Bond - My friends are everything and I would do anything for them
Flaw - I am too often wrapped up in my own world

Trinket - A toy horse with colored beads for eyes
Possible Distant Ancestry - divine being
Possible Pet - Mist is a furry squirrel. They are marked with an elven rune and are always getting muddy

Ahvain Iranapha is an elf Druid

Background - Folk Hero
Family - Your father is a tracker and your mother is an enchanter. They have been happily married for four centuries and you all have a family portrait drawn every year.

Trait - I enjoy finding compromises and common ground when others argue or disagree.
Ideal - I must confront an evil let out by one of my parents centuries ago
Bond - Freedom - We are not born to live life in cages or chains, bound by rules or laws.
Flaw - I've lost too many friends and have trouble making new ones

Trinket - An arrow of crystal and glass with a motto inscribed in Elven
Possible Pet - Dragon is a pampered quipper in water. They love to play games

Stor Hornraven is a human Sorcerer

Background - Folk Hero
Family - One of your ancestors defeated a fiend. You hope to create a shrine dedicated to them and your family is watchful for vengeful cultists

Trait - I hide my feelings behind a wall of jokes and funny stories
Ideal - Faith. If I do the right thing then my faith will be rewarded in kind
Bond - I need wealth to pay off a great family debt
Flaw - I'll risk anything for wealth and status

Trinket - A piece of metal with the name of a distant city a relative visited
Possible Distant Ancestry - demon
Possible Pet - Fireball is a friendly calf that loves the sun that you rescued from their dying mother