5e D&D Character Idea

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character

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Exava is a male wood elf cleric

Background - guild artisan
Family - Your grandfather raised you, moving from place to place. Then last year they disappeared, leaving a family heirloom

Trait - My favorite thing is a relaxed drink with friends
Ideal - Responsibility. It is the duty of all people to make the world around them a good place
Bond - My instrument is my most treasured possession, and it reminds me of someone I love
Flaw - Pride will be my downfall

Trinket - a glass orb
Possible Pet - Honey is a dancing giant centipede. They like to hide in difficult to get to places

Kasdeya is a dwarf cleric

Background - sailor
Family - Your uncle, Lokevius founded a cult. You will try to found a shrine in their name

Trait - I take great pleasure in the simple things of life
Ideal - Tradition. The tales and legends of my people must be remembered and passed on to others
Bond - My isolation gave me great insight into a great danger that only I can destroy
Flaw - I've never satisfied with what I have

Trinket - an arcane wooden condor mask painted with dead body fed on by crows
Possible Pet - Medusa is a flumph. They have been reanimated. you fell in love with them in a shop

Chao is a human wizard

Background - spy
Family - you have one older brother and one younger sister. Your father is a renowned druid and looked after you

Trait - I idolize a hero of my people and refer often the their deeds and legends
Ideal - Freedom. Everyone should be able to walk their own path
Bond - I have a rival and do anything to prove myself the better person
Flaw - I am inflexible in my beliefs

Trinket - a clockwork bugbear lung painted with people starving
Possible Pet - Sloth is a happy young owlbear. They have an extra tail and they followed you until you adopted them

Caramip Daergel is a male half-elf rogue

Background - urchin
Family - a devil and a fiend use your family as pawns in their ancient contest. two family members died in a recent battle. You see omens and portents everywhere

Trait - My good looks are there for all to see
Ideal - Adventure. To keep testing yourself against new challenges is to live fully
Bond - I will face any challenge to win the approval of my family
Flaw - Pride will be my downfall

Trinket - a wooden love spoon decorated with a pair of travellers
Possible Pet - Mist is a docile strange ooze. They try to follow you everywhere

Klilkaz "Chug" Overcrown is a halfling paladin

Background - sailor
Family - Your distant relations brought you up, moving from place to place. Then a few years ago they disappeared, leaving a family heirloom

Trait - I admire those with style or wealth
Ideal - Aspiration. I work to be the best at what I do
Bond - Something bad happened from a mistake I made. I am haunted by it every time I sleep
Flaw - I spend money as fast as it comes to me

Trinket - a chain made from ceramic decorated with a luminous tunnel
Possible Pet - Droplet is a tiny elemental. They like to be near fire and you got them to replace another beloved companion that is no more