5e D&D Character Idea - Dragonborn

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character
Associated with a dragon bloodline, known as strong warriors and devoted champions.


Shestendeliath Arjhan is a male dragonborn Monk

Background - Soldier
Family - Your family are part of a proud clan. One of your parents died in an honor duel and so did your oldest sibling. Others of your family look to you to right the wrong
Draconic Ancestry - Bronze Dragon ancestry with trait of "I will fight tyranny anywhere I find it" and physical aspect "I have a ribbed and fluted crest that defines the shape of my head"

Trait - I bluntly say what other people are hinting at or hiding
Ideal - Wealth. I must gather as much wealth as I can for my clan and community
Bond - My ancestor was a noted dragon and I seek out their descendants
Flaw - I am easily distracted by anything to do with dragons

Trinket - A scabbard made from gold-colored wood that belonged to a great warrior
Collection - Keys
Possible Pet - Torm is an affectionate wolf. They wear a collar or other item with their name on

Grrmmballhyst Srorthen is a male dragonborn Paladin

Background - Acolyte
Family - You family life was dominated by...magical gift.
Draconic Ancestry - Black Dragon ancestry with trait of "I seek to amass enough power that others will pay tribute to me" and physical aspect "My tongue is long and forked "

Trait - I have a love of boats and water I find hard to explain
Ideal - Greed. If it's paying well then it's something I'm interested in
Bond - I seek to restore my lost honor at every step of the day
Flaw - I dislike everyone who is not like me

Trinket - A book detailing the lineage of a dragonborn who died 500 years ago
Possible Pet - Troll is a furry jaguar. They like to hide shiny things

Turnuroth Thava is a female dragonborn Paladin

Background - Soldier
Family - You were orphaned young and extended clan have looked after you. You heard many stories of your parents and spent much of your youth alone. Your father had an unfinished quest
Draconic Ancestry - Black Dragon ancestry with trait of "I secretly believe it is my destiny to serve as the instrument of Tiamat " and physical aspect "My head is marked by many spikes and horns"

Trait - I am fascinated by my own breath weapon
Ideal - Responsibility. My duty is to serve my clan and those who rely on me
Bond - A dragon gave my clan a task long ago, and I wish to see it fulfilled.
Flaw - I do not question my orders from clan or commanders

Trinket - A hunk of crystal with the name of a dragon etched in Celestial
Possible Pet - Vixen is a beautiful dolphin. They love to jump out on people

Verthisathurgiesh Thava is a dragonborn Paladin

Background - Urchin
Family - You have four siblings, your father is a champion of war and your mother is a student of draconic magics.
Draconic Ancestry - Copper Dragon ancestry with trait of "I dream of exposed hilltops and dry ridges" and physical aspect "My scales are coppery with a greenish tint"

Trait - I have a love of riddles simple and complex
Ideal - Glory. I must seek out the greatest challenges to become a legend in my clan
Bond - I have fallen in love with the tales around a particular dragon
Flaw - I do not question my orders from clan or commanders

Trinket - An egg that warms up through the day and hatches every dusk
Collection - Gemstones of a particular color
Possible Pet - Ant is a strange squid. They love playing with new toys

Esstyrlynn Synthrin is a female dragonborn Paladin

Background - Soldier
Family - a grandfather raised you.
Draconic Ancestry - Blue Dragon ancestry with trait of "I seek out chromatic dragons to be my ally at any opportunity" and physical aspect "A row of spikes extends back from my nostrils to the back of my head"

Trait - People know on sight they are looking at perfection. draconic perfection
Ideal - Community. The power of family is because of the help we give each other
Bond - My tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when far away
Flaw - My hatred of those who wronged me is blind and unwavering

Trinket - An iron key engraved with the symbol of a powerful dragon
Collection - Chests
Possible Pet - Rodin is a sprite. They are old and it shows and are always getting lost but turn up in the strangest of places