5e DnD Dwarf Character Idea

They are associated with hammers and axes, gold and beer, known for their holds in hills, mountains and the Underdark [dnd5e] [adventurers] [characters]


Barendd Bofdann is a dwarf Sorcerer

Background - soldier
Family - You were raised by your aunt and uncle. you are an only child. You had to contend with infamy

Trait - I live day to day, one tankard of ale at a time
Ideal - Responsibility. It is our duty to uphold laws and respect authority
Bond - I will create a masterpiece that will last for centuries
Flaw - My hatred of dwarven enemies is blind and unwavering

Trinket - An ornate hammer made from blue coral and ivory with that is a family heirloom
Possible Pet - Bella is a sweet rat. They want to be the center of attention and your family breed this type of creature