5e DnD Gnome Character Idea

They are known for independence and curiosity, for a tie to wild creatures and clockwork devices. They are users of illusion, joke-tellers and gem-lovers. [dnd5e] [adventurers] [characters]


Glim is a male gnome Ranger

Background - Guild Artisan
Family - Your family are known for their prominent noses and an annual joke-telling contest. You grew up surrounded by fast-talkers, tricksters and minstrels.

Trait - I like to use long words I don't really understand
Ideal - Change. Life is an adventure, and we must be ready to face new challenges every day
Bond - I wish to have many stories told of me when I am gone.
Flaw - I make everything over-complicated. Simple things bore me.

Trinket - a doll with clothing made from a piece of fishing net
Possible Pet - Warrior is a placid cat you rescued from a laboratory. They love to be held and rarely goes far