5e DnD Minotaur Character Idea

They are associated with goring horns, honour, rage, battle and boats. From Ravnica and Theros, they can charge foes with their horns, are never unarmed and knock them backwards in melee. [dnd5e] [adventurers] [characters]


Klattic is a male minotaur Cleric

Background - Outlander
Family - You have three siblings and many aunts and uncles. All of them are warriors and aspire to die in battle

Trait - In battle I sing old songs praising my ancestors
Ideal - Honor. If I act without honor I shame the name I carry.
Bond - I am outcast from my kind and seek a way to redeem myself
Flaw - My pride often leads me to bad decisions

Trinket - A knife sheath that you found because of a vision
Possible Pet - Silence is a dirty cat. They like to wake people up during the night