5e DnD Tiefling Character Idea

They are associated with the powers of hell, overcoming adversity and dark pacts. Can give an exotic heritage, a distinctly non-human look or an anti-hero vibe. [dnd5e] [adventurers] [characters]


Reverence is a tiefling Fighter

Background - Entertainer
Family - Your parents were often away serving an ancient warlock. You raised yourself and your younger twin sisters in a large house. Last time your father returned he could not say where your mother was.
Distinctive Appearance - I have long thin claws that break off easily

Trait - I find humour in the strangest of things
Ideal - Charity. There are always those worse off than me and I try to help those
Bond - I am the last of my line, and a fiend is involved in killing them off
Flaw - I struggle to quell the bloodthirsty dreams that haunt me

Trinket - a goblin glass jar with a riddle in Giant that floats like a leaf when dropped
Interested Fiend - Hok the Scornful is a fallen celestial. They are served by a warlock who uses a cult that appears to revere Hok as a deity of good.
Possible Pet - Fang is an excited squirrel. They have a favourite trick of playing dead and they were given to you by family