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Kimbatuul Eggren is a female dragonborn Warlock

Background - Sailor
Family - You were adopted by distant family. you have older twin siblings ou had to contend with being born of violence
Draconic Ancestry - Silver Dragon ancestry with trait of "I dream of cold mountain peaks and life among the clouds" and physical aspect "My scales are blue-gray with silver highlights"

Trait - I love to tell stories about dragons
Ideal - Beauty. To know perfection is to look upon me
Bond - I will face any challenge for the safety of my clan
Flaw - I like to sleep on a bed of coins

Trinket - A pendant on a copper chain crafted from a wyrmling dragon's skull
Possible Pet - Smithy is a friendly hare . They love to play with children and they belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead

Blessing is a tiefling Cleric

Background - Folk Hero
Family - Your parents were often away serving an ancient warlock. You raised yourself and your younger twin sisters in a large house. Last time your father returned he could not say where your mother was.
Distinctive Appearance - I have long thin claws that break off easily

Trait - I love taking risks, gambling life for great reward
Ideal - Redemption. I will atone for the dark deeds of my ancestors
Bond - I often get lost in fantasies of other realms, becoming oblivious to my surroundings
Flaw - I nurse grudges for the right time to avenge them

Trinket - a lavender flask made from an unknown material with a saga in small writing that is a good luck charm
Interested Fiend - Felevex is an ice devil who was trapped in a magical sword for centuries. Now released, it seeks information about the weapon and its current wielder using several imps sent to serve powerful mortals
Possible Pet - Felix is a lazy giant rat. They wear a small bell or other item that makes a noise and like to wake people up during the night

Sumnarghthrysh Valorean is a dragonborn Warlock

Background - Acolyte
Family - You were raised by your adopted parents. . You had to contend with being heir to a legacy
Draconic Ancestry - Bronze Dragon ancestry with trait of "I am happier in water than out of it" and physical aspect "Several sea shells have become part of my scales"

Trait - I try to match everyone I meet to a type of metallic or chromatic dragon
Ideal - Responsibility. My duty is to serve my clan and those who rely on me
Bond - I am in love with someone not hatched from an egg
Flaw - My honor has been broken many times even though I pretend otherwise

Trinket - A worn journal with sketches of birds and winged insects
Possible Pet - Spike is a horse . They like high places and you won them in a bet or game

Doust is a half-elf Fighter

Background - Sailor
Family - You are the oldest of eight siblings and your family traveled frequently as you grew. Some of your brothers and sisters want to join you on your adventures.
Extra skill - Perception

Trait - I'm slow to make friends after a lifetime of small betrayals
Ideal - Balance. I bring many things together to make a greater whole
Bond - I seek ancient secrets that could tear up the world
Flaw - I forget others are not as open-minded as me

Trinket - A paintbrush that has a small amount of bright paint every dawn
Elven backstory element - a tree village
Possible Pet - Hugs is an alpaca . They like to wake people up during the night

Cael Galtorah is an elf Sorcerer

Background - Guild Artisan
Family - Enemies burnt your family's village to the ground on the day you were born. You were raised by different aunts, uncles and cousins who have been planning to restart the village for the last decade .

Trait - I fall in and out of love easily, with people of many ancestries
Ideal - I have sold my soul to another. I have centuries to win it back
Bond - Beauty. A thing of beauty is something that can inspire others for centuries
Flaw - I find it hard to pay attention

Trinket - An old copper coin with an elven face. It has made its way back to you at least 10 times.
Possible Pet - Blossom is a falcon . They love to be held and can fly or levitate