People in a Crowd

NPCs who are in a crowded street, bustling marketplace or busy junction. They are all doing something.

A regretful female bard with an ugly crow who is trying to scrape mud off their foot
A frustrated male wizard with ornate accessories who is investigating a poster
A quarrelsome man with a scarred strange fungi companion who is walking oddly
A rough female tiefling with intricate facial tattoos who is glaring at a paladin
A panicked man with a rigid posture who is flirting with a man
A handsome dwarf sailor with bear furs who is with a friend
A jolly woman wearing dirty attire who is meditating
A well-muscled woman with a scintillating shirt who is investigating a brownish stream
A seasoned man with a noticeable scar who is saying goodbye to someone
An alluring woman wearing outdoor attire who is avoiding a farmer