People in a Crowd

NPCs who are in a crowded street, bustling marketplace or busy junction. They are all doing something.

A young woman with a nervous eye twitch who is haggling with a stall vendor
An angry alchemist with piercing eyes who is exercising
An agitated servant with a strange beetle who is glaring at an artisan
A merry male human with animal-themed jewelry who is avoiding a performer
A stern female alchemist with a jagged scar who is talking to someone imaginary or invisible
A hairless minstrel with intricate facial tattoos who is trying to predict the weather
A big elf thug who smells of something bad who is lost
An emotional scholar with scarred arms who is flirting with someone
A quarrelsome politician with a distinctive nose who is sitting on the ground
A stocky dwarf guard with a hairy parrot companion who is arguing with a dog