People in a Crowd

NPCs who are in a crowded street, bustling marketplace or busy junction. They are all doing something. [dnd5e] [city] [npcs] [urban]

A young male half-orc with a bright green bag who is trying to scrape something messy off their hand
A tall envoy with prominent teeth who is pacing up and down
A stubborn female with an elderly owl who is looking at a tree
A grim human potter with a variety of demonic charms who is walking oddly
A stubborn blacksmith with an unusual hair colour who is having a nap
A talkative performer with cauliflower ears who is berating a child
A young male druid with a beautiful mask who is arguing with themself
A proud woman with heavy armor who is berating a cute animal
A heartbroken human student with unique sense of style who is playing an instrument
A young urchin with sea-themed tattoos who is avoiding a butcher