DnD Improv Prep Tool


Thiala Hanadrin is a laughing female elf with a large lizard pet. She is obsessed with wine and is down to the last copper coin

Tana is a loud female with shifty eyes. She is in disguise for imaginary reasons and is currently playing a board game

Enka is a stooped minotaur with several large weapons. They like making new friends and have a gift for one of the PCs

Hshhsstoroth Medrash is a gaunt male dragonborn druid with a flat face. He is a loud speaker and is currently studying an animal

"Nim" Nackle is an ugly gnome with burnt arms. He believes in making a song about everyone met and has information about a villain or rival

Wystongjiir Rathkran is an athletic dragonborn with a collection of tools. He has an unusual knowledge of celestials and has a previous relationship with one of the PCs

Paggen" Badger" is a jolly male gnome trapper who smells of perfume. He believes honor is for fools and is currently meditating

Peren is a fierce elf with glowing orange hair that stands on end. They are loyal to a famous benefactor and have a previous relationship with one of the PCs

Names List

Eldon Scheppen (male gnome), Egart Glenfellew (male halfling), "Filchbatter" Beren (gnome), Dworic (male dwarf), Thea Firkin (halfling), Helm (human), Navarra (human), Harriet Stoutman (halfling), Valafar (male tiefling) , Jharthraxyn Torinn (dragonborn), Beiro Wasanthi (half-elf), Miotri (female human), Otto (human), Ulla "Badger" Daergel (gnome), Astaro (tiefling), Cora (halfling), Gael (elf), Palla (human), Harrow (male tiefling)

Settlement Names

Shepburton Town, Dunworthy, Yellowsong, Lockcast Deep, Rat's Point, Elder's Hall, Dalaba's Scar, Yeolund Watch, Sharpvale, Bandit's Down

One Shot Ideas

The PCs are emotional soldiers who must slay the Tarrasque. The mood might be... manic
There is an old noble who has important information for them.
The characters start with a fireball. At some point they encounter a challenge to a duel. If things are going nowhere they discover a secret door.
It finishes with a family gathering.

The PCs are hungry farmers who must purchase a legendary treehouse. It might involve undead.
There is an insane warlock who has important information for them.
The characters start with the loan or gift of a powerful magic item. At some point they meet an old foe. If things slow down they discover an unexpected place to rest.
It finishes with the group all sharing a joke.

The PCs all belong to a circus who must escape from a floating farm. The mood might be... whimsical
There is an intimidating poet who wants to do the same thing. they are the ex-lover of a character.
The characters start with an attempted theft. At some point they encounter a planar portal. If things are going nowhere a character learns something useful with a Survival check.
Afterwards there is the group all sharing a joke. Possible sequel... an evil organisation's plans were ruined and try to take revenge on the characters


Tithian is a hated human thug with an aggressive posture. They believe in the ideal of Creativity and are currently making predictions of doom to an animal
At a meeting of two rivers and a covered hollow. there are chunks of cracked ice
They are searching for the PCs

At a pile of stones by a circular hole. there is risk of an avalanche
They are resting or eating
In a fight they fight to the bitter end
Difficulty... 600.0 Deadly

Romero is an impulsive male guard with a terrible scar. He has an affinity for cats and is currently pacing up and down
At a smouldering campfire near a column of slippery ice
They are guarding a location or area

At an area of rock-strewn ground. there is the remains of an elk
They are making a new home or lair
In a fight they attempt hit and run tactics
Difficulty... 150.0 Easy

They have a saddle but their is no sign of a rider
At an arch of ice near a statue. there is an overturned kayak
They are starting a journey or migration

At a rock outcrop with icicles hanging from it which is associated with walruss. pinkish flowers are dotted about
They are on a quest
In a fight they avoid anyone with religious icons
Difficulty... 450 Deadly

Jharthraxyn Thava is a fierce dragonborn gladiator covered in battle scars. She has an affinity for wolves and is currently humming
At an ice arch with icicles hanging from it near a concealed tunnel entrance
They were summoned here by magic, a dream or insinct

Seipora is a reclusive female human mage with several axes. She is always seeking news of a famous figure and is currently crying over a misfortune
At a desolate stone arch which is associated with foxs. it is misty
They are hunting something