DnD Improv Prep Tool


Aym is an attractive tiefling hunter with numerous piercings. They are a famed runner and have membership of a rival faction

Pin Lei is a flamboyant human urchin with rough hands. They hate painting and are currently spreading the word of a deity of misfortune

Zasheida is a happy human poet with a large mole. They are looking for a new relationship and currently coughing and sneezing

Tiammanthyllish Rivaan is an athletic male dragonborn outlander with a rigid posture. He is always talking about the same subject and is currently looking for entertainment

Zasheida is a sad human druid with a magical hat. She is a retired adventurer and is currently cleaning a weapon

Gennal Ofandrus is an one-armed elf with distinctive jewelry. They dislike dogs and are currently playing a game

Shevarra Chergoba is an obese human with piercing eyes. She is rude to others and has heard bad things about one of the PCs

Fyevarra Iltazyara is a tired female human urchin with a bright orange cloak. She is seeking a way out of an unhappy marriage and is currently speaking with an impediment to a pet

Names List

Faurgar (male half-orc), Caeldrim Withrethin (elf), Jasmal Kulenov (human), Kethra Lackman (human), Ael Berevan( female elf) , Andry High-hill (halfling), Meriele( female elf) , Danniel Thorngage (halfling), Danniel Fatrabbit (male halfling), Euphemia Glenfellew (halfling), Tharivol (elf), Lidda Underfoot (halfling), Kilvar Thunderheart (dwarf), Nora Brushgather (halfling), "Filchbatter" Shadowcloak (male gnome), "Badger" Offund (female gnome), Salazar (human), Harriet Strongbones (halfling), Suhnae Othronus (male elf)

Settlement Names

Low Greatpool, Oakways Lake, Wickendall, Ellasrock, Earthcroft, Seafoot Mill, Cottonways, Old Tarbridge, Saltorchard, Temple Torbeare

One Shot Ideas

The PCs are young soldiers who must secure a possessed bow. The mood might be... relaxed
There is a religious cleric who comes with them. they are the sibling of a character.
The characters start during an attempted escape. Partway through they encounter a challenge to a duel. If things get stuck they find a written note.
At the end there is the characters starting a journey. Possible sequel... an evil organisation's plans were ruined and try to take revenge on the characters

The PCs are respected monster hunters who must create an enchanted bottle. It might involve summer.
There is a well-dressed cleric who betrays them partway through. they worked together with a character.
The characters start with an attempted theft. At some point they meet a lover of a character. If things slow down there is a murder.
It finishes with a reward of a relic.

The PCs are blessed monster hunters who must investigate the history of a fabled casket. The mood might be... action
There is an aggressive noble who works against them. they grew up with a character.
The characters start in a dream sequence. At some point they encounter a hostile spirit. If things get stuck a rival turns up.
At the end there is a tavern burning down. Possible sequel... same villain in a new base


11 Mules

At a part-buried temple of a power of the sky. someone has left a toy
They are resting or eating

1 Bulette

At a low hill. there are a few flowers
They are searching for a place or person
In a fight they run and hide if things go badly

7 Kobolds
5 Winged Kobolds (Monster Manual p.195)

At a lonely hill. There is a shrine to a forgotten power. there is a battered canoe
They are resting or eating
In a fight they try to capture any obvious spellcaster

4 Pseudodragons

At a sea stack near a brightly-painted shrine to a power of secrets. there is bright sunshine
They are hunting for someone
In a fight they focus all their attention on larger foes

1 Shield Guardian

At a spring by a cairn
They are on a raid or quest
In a fight they act as if something else is guiding them - they try to capture foes attempting to hide

2 Elephants

At a deep ditch. there is a damaged fishing boat
They are following a trail or guide
In a fight they attack whoever is causing them the most pain

4 Panthers

At a pile of seaweed near a patch of seaweed. there is writing here in Dwarven
They are foraging for food, plants or herbs
In a fight they attempt to attack from hiding

2 Dust Mephits
1 Gargoyle

At a sunken temple of a power of light. Locally it is associated with giant snakes. heavy rain is falling
They are waiting for something or someone
In a fight they try to capture larger foes