DnD Improv Prep Tool


Makaria is a quarrelsome tiefling with a perfect cricket pet. They are friendly with others and are currently playing at cards

Miotri is a broad human with hairy ears. They hate conspiracies and seek to ransack a ruined chasm

Beiro Daloroth is a well-muscled elf with glowing green hair. He believes in the ideal of Nature and is currently trying to hide

Music is a repulsive tiefling soldier with a magical axe. She has to flip a coin to make most choices and is currently reading something

Pfaphnyrennish Findex is a proud dragonborn with a walking cane. She hates orcs and has has information about a quest of the PCs

Render Shin is a friendly male half-orc thief with a variety of tools. He is a retired adventurer and seeks an escort to get to a nearby dungeon

Astaro is a wild tiefling sage with a bright orange hat. She adores to talk with a gaunt parrot and has information about a important dragon

Rienlarna Caerdonel is a wild-eyed female elf with an assortment of knives. She likes solving problems and seeks wealth to raise their family from poverty

Names List

"Ku" Munggen (male gnome), Chien Jia (human), Oriff Foamforger (dwarf), Dayereth Koehlanna (half-elf), Morgran (male dwarf), Natali Pin (female human), Bareris Nathandem (human), Markosian (female tiefling), Crysania (female human), Shevarra Ulmokina (female human), Iaryo (human), Igan (male human), Beloril Burrowshield (dwarf), Helja (dwarf), Valna( elf) , Atala (human), Ielenia Hanadrin( female elf) , Agrus Vay (male half-elf), Cora Silvereyes (female halfling)

Settlement Names

Liarona, Salt Scar, Staunlusk, Banona, Cold Stockona, Tinkerlith, Hornsong Point, North Landbridges, Marestry, Driftfleet

One Shot Ideas

The PCs are secretive abberation hunters who must win a sporting event. It might involve air.
There is a traveling alchemist who works against them.
The characters start at the scene of a murder. At some point there is a big fight scene. If things slow down it starts to rain.
Afterwards there is a reward of deeds to a village.

The PCs are infamous elves who must defend a fortified ship. It might involve genies.
There is a rival kuo-toa archpriest who has important information for them.
The characters start in a chase scene. Partway through they encounter a puzzle trap. If things slow down a rival turns up.
It finishes with a reward of a ruined mansion.

The PCs are scarred spies who must recover a fey golem. It might involve dragons.
There is a manipulative fomorian who falls in love with a character.
The characters start outside some ruins. Early on there is a significant change of pace. If things get stuck someone has/remembers a dream.
At the end there is a reward of deeds to a city.


At a blue stream surrounded by permafrost. a storm is approaching
They are fleeing a nearby danger, disaster or other threat
In a fight they single out the most heavily armored foes
Possibly... during the fight A sinkhole opens!
Difficulty... 150.0 Easy

At a frigid stream surrounded by blood-stained snow
They are making a new home or lair
In a fight they attack anyone who looks like a source of food
Possibly... during the fight liquid spills from somewhere
Difficulty... 600 Deadly

At a glacier of blue ice and a snow-covered shrine to a power of loss. several small fissures cover the area
They are hunting for someone
In a fight they focus on larger foes
Difficulty... 437.5 Deadly


2 Half-Ogres (Monster Manual p.238) led by one named Zak the Savage

At a patch of dying grass and a patch of dying sedge. several small fissures cover the area
They are guarding a location or area
In a fight they focus on anyone with religious icons
Difficulty... 600.0 Deadly

At a rock outcrop covered in cracked ice. a blanket of snow covers the area
They are near their home
In a fight they fight to the bitter end
Difficulty... 450 Deadly

At a slope of untouched snow. The area borders the shadowfell. the sky is filled with an aurora
They are on a spiritual journey
In a fight they keep away from any obvious spellcaster
Possibly... during the fight it gets windier
Difficulty... 380 Hard

At a circular hole near a decaying sapling. large hailstones are falling
They are searching for the PCs
In a fight they attack whoever is largest
Possibly... during the fight a greater threat is attracted by the fighting
Difficulty... 450 Deadly

At a fish-filled river. a storm is approaching
They are following something
In a fight they run and hide if things go badly
Possibly... during the fight a very loud noise occurs nearby
Difficulty... 450 Deadly