DnD Improv Prep Tool


Meriele Mellerelel is an obese elf with hairy ears. She is a very good listener and has fallen in love with a PC at first sight and will become obsessive

Open is a tired male tiefling entertainer with a distinctive pair of boots. He is ponderous with others and has a bravery to the point of foolishness

Enna Teinithra is a youthful half-elf paladin with no eyebrows. They are loyal to a benefactor, patron, or employer and have a shameful or scandalous history

Jharthraxyn Kiirith is a wounded dragonborn entertainer with an impressive bag. He is very open-minded and has committed a secret crime or misdeed

Geth Helder is an ugly male human alchemist with prominent teeth. He is in disguise (for good reasons) and is currently napping

Bardryn is a sad dwarf wizard with really long arms. They are terrified of shadows and have a request of one of the PCs

Bobbin Underfoot is an angry halfling rogue with shifty eyes. He is loyal to a benefactor, patron, or employer and has possession of forbidden lore

Nalvara Mellerelel Bloodkith is an attractive elf scribe with a distinctive nose. They are a fanatic of a deity of wealth and currently asking for money

Names List

Jhessail Amblecrown (female human), Anne Swiftwhistle (female halfling), Pfaphnyrennish Tatyan (female dragonborn), "Oneshoe" Miggledy (gnome), Mya Siannodel (male elf), Willow Cherrycheeks (female halfling), Betha Lackman (female human), Badger (gnome), Tordrid (dwarf), Jalana Agosto (half-elf), Rowan (female human), Jalana Agosto (female human), Gurdis (dwarf), Kara Hornraven (female human), Fivin Cithreth Earthguard (elf), Mei Bai (female human), Thradal (dwarf), Rimardo Marivaldi (human), Pain (tiefling)

Settlement Names

Great Upleigh, Monk's Falls, Druidenden, Preshof, Tanriver, Rathkranskeep, Osborn's Falls, Rosehead, Cook's Meet, Heylusk

One Shot Ideas

The PCs are brave rangers who must subdue a genie.
But a famous apprentice betrays them partway through. It involves a hag.
The mood might be... tense

The PCs are mutant rogues who must capture a troll.
But an angry mentor offers them aid. It involves a wedding.
The mood might be... relaxed

The PCs are insane dragonborn who must slay a medusa.
But an aggressive merchant hates one of the PCs. It involves an old foe.
The mood might be... whimsical


3 Commoners (fishermen) with a rowing boat

At: A flooded temple of a power of death (currently there is bright sunshine)
They are cleaning or washing themselves. Possibly... They have a magic item in their possession

2 Giant Scorpions

At: A tent (in the area of a hallow spell)
They are searching for the PCs. Possibly... It is windy

1 Swarm of Insects

At: A lonely ring of mushrooms (in the area of a forbiddance spell)
They are waiting in ambush or hiding from something. Possibly... One or more of them is a shapeshifter

1 Manticore

At: A damaged canal (nearby is the fresh corpse of a monster)
They are guarding a location or area. Possibly... They have a pet

11 Kobolds

At: A steep hill (near to a narrow river with a small bridge)
They are fleeing a nearby danger, disaster or other threat. Possibly... One or more of them is wounded

1 Polar Bears

At: a sheet of permafrost
They are near to their home or lair. Possibly... They sport the symbol of a local power group

11 Tribal Warriors and 1 Berserker with 21 Camels

At: A tent (currently it is very hot)
They are exploring the area. Possibly... They have a pet

1 Saber-tooth Tiger

At: The site of a recent avalanche (the area is cursed ground)
They are near to their home or lair. Possibly... One or more of them is unconcious