5E Dragonborn Character Idea

Gargax Delmirev

More names: Furrele, Norkuuth, Mozikth
Draconic Ancestry: Silver Dragon ancestry with trait of "I like to try different outfits, disguises and characters" and physical aspect "A spiny frill runs from high on my head down the length of my back"
Class: Paladin
Background: Folk Hero
Family: You have four siblings, your father is a champion of war and your mother is a student of draconic magics.

Traits: I try to match everyone I meet to a type of metallic or chromatic dragon
I feel sorry for those who don't command the power of dragons
Bond: Honor. If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my whole clan
Ideal: I will face any challenge for the safety of my clan
Flaw: My honor has been broken many times even though I pretend otherwise

Trinket: Several copper coins on a chain with your childhood name inscribed on them
Collection: Furs and rugs