5E Dragonborn Character Idea

Blendaeth Hshhsstoroth

More names: Patrin, Findex, Doudra
Draconic Ancestry: Gold Dragon ancestry with trait of "I covet the rarest and most valuable of foods" and physical aspect "My scales are dark yellow with metallic flecks"
Class: Ranger
Background: Guild Artisan
Family: Your family are part of a proud clan. One of your parents died in an honor duel and so did your oldest sibling. Others of your family look to you to right the wrong

Traits: I know all of the stories told of dragons
No one can doubt that I am a true descendant of a dragon
Bond: Order. There needs to be a clear hierarchy or chain of command.
Ideal: I will face any challenge for the safety of my clan
Flaw: I like to sleep on a bed of coins

Trinket: A bronze dragon scale that is a good luck charm
Collection: Useless and weird magic items