5E Dragonborn Character Idea

Patrin Jerynomonis

More names: Azzahk, Jezean, Kadana
Draconic Ancestry: Green Dragon ancestry with trait of "My ambition rules over all other concerns" and physical aspect "I bear leathery spiked plates down the sides of my neck"
Class: Paladin
Background: Noble
Family: You have four siblings, your father is a champion of war and your mother is a student of draconic magics.

Traits: I always forget not everyone was hatched from an egg
I know all of the stories told of dragons
Bond: Beauty. To know perfection is to look upon me
Ideal: I seek to slay a mighty dragon to make my name
Flaw: I'll do anything to get hold of the right piece of art or magic

Trinket: A small iron box in the shape of a dragon's head, with a clockwork mechanism that opens the jaws
Collection: Old and unusual coins