5E Dragonborn Character Idea

Megren Orexijandilin

More names: Donaar, Rathkran, Kadana
Draconic Ancestry: Green Dragon ancestry with trait of "I secretly believe it is my destiny to serve as the instrument of Tiamat " and physical aspect "I have no visible ears"
Class: Bard
Background: Outlander
Family: Your family is protected by a dragon. One member from each generation goes to serve them for a time. It was meant to be your older sister but they have gone missing

Traits: I am fascinated by all types of gemstones
I try to disguise or play down my draconic heritage
Bond: Power. The power of dragons flows through us. They are feared for their might
Ideal: A dragon gave my clan a task long ago, and I wish to see it fulfilled.
Flaw: I find it hard to back down if someone challenges my honor or courage

Trinket: A bronze dragon scale that is a good luck charm
Collection: Plants and seeds