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5E Dragonborn Character Idea


Baradad Lhamboldennish

More names: Kava, Mozikth, Arjhan
Draconic Ancestry: Black Dragon ancestry with trait of "I sometimes fly into a destructive rage when angered" and physical aspect "I am proud of my large, beaked snout"
Class: Wizard
Background: Entertainer
Family: Your family is protected by a dragon. One member from each generation goes to serve them for a time. It was meant to be your older sister but they have gone missing

Traits: People know on sight they are looking at perfection. draconic perfection
I fall in love easily with all types of creatures
Bond: Beauty. To know perfection is to look upon me
Ideal: I am in love with someone not hatched from an egg
Flaw: I like to sleep on a bed of coins

Trinket: A small iron box in the shape of a dragon's head, with a clockwork mechanism that opens the jaws
Collection: Shields

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