5E Dwarf Character Idea

Vonbin Torunn

More names: Gurdis, Oloric, Ulfgar
Class: Rogue
Background: Sage
Clan traditional foe: gnolls
Family: Both your parents died in a mining accident and you grew up close to your two brothers and one sister. The oldest, Kazak went adventuring a year ago and has not been heard of...

Traits: I know many dwarven drinking songs, the louder the better
I like to be surrounded by luxuries
Bond: I seek vengeance for a wrong done long ago
Ideal: Family. Ties of blood come before all others
Flaw: My hatred of dwarven enemies is blind and unwavering

Trinket: a tiny mirror made from crystal that is a good luck charm
Drink: Strongsmith is an acquired taste. This one has a tan colour