5E Dwarf Character Idea

Olunt Ungart

More names: Gurdis, Gurdis, Gimurt
Class: Druid
Background: Sage
Clan traditional foe: elementals
Family: Your mother died in childbirth and you have one older brother. Your father is a renowned artisan and has taught you a craft but rarely spent much time with you otherwise.

Traits: My friends know they can rely on me, whatever they need
If I am going to do something, I will do it well
Bond: I am the last of my family, and seek to destroy those took my loved ones away
Ideal: Greed. Wealth is it's own reward
Flaw: I live with a secret that would bring shame to my clan if revealed

Trinket: a gold coin that gives a slight shock when exposed to bare skin
Drink: Gemkeeper Stout has a light tang and has several songs about it. This one has a circle made in the foam