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5E Dwarf Character Idea

Nurkara Farshield

More names: Audhild, Duergath, Veit
Class: Warlock
Background: Entertainer
Clan traditional foe: aberrations
Family: Your mother died in childbirth and you have one older brother. Your father is a renowned artisan and has taught you a craft but rarely spent much time with you otherwise.

Traits: I am suspicious of change and innovation
I am suspicious of change and innovation
Bond: I will create a masterpiece that will last for centuries
Ideal: Honor. My word is as unbending as iron
Flaw: I bear grudges for every slight

Trinket: a lantern made from glass and ivory with a lucky phrase inscribed in Dwarvish
Drink: Hlin's Crystal Porter has a smoky aroma and is said to aid beard growth

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