5E Dwarven Ale

Thodris's Blonde Malt is said to aid beard growth. This one has a fern drawn in the foam
Stonehammer Stout has a mild scent and is best served hot
This Anbera's Best Import has a golden colour
Whurdred's Imperial Ale has a strong taste followed by a smoky aftertaste. This one has a dark colour
Ogrebreaker has a very unpleasant hangover. This one has flies floating in it
Werydd's Malted Ale has a hoppy taste followed by a minty aftertaste and doesn't travel well. This one is very fizzy
This Deeptower Bitter is light-bodied
Beastblinder Stout has been brewed for hundreds of years. This one has a strange film on top
Goldhammer has a strange scent
Thunderhill Porter smells like cats and causes excessive flatulence. This one has a reddish colour