5E Dwarven Ale

Blackbearer Bitter causes excessive belching. This one has something floating in it
Fallthra's Wild Ale is aged for 50 years. This one has a strange film on top
This Valida's Honey Bitter is very creamy
Whiteshield Export has a rancid aroma and has a very unpleasant hangover. This one has lots of bubbles
Beardforger has an unpleasant aftertaste and doesn't travel well
Gimurt's Smoked Ale has a vinegary aftertaste and is a well-kept family secret
The revered Redbearer has a strange odour
Stonehill has a unique flavour. This one is watery
Deepforge Ale has a rich flavour. This one glows faintly
Eldeth's Rye Stout has a unique flavour. This one has a grey colour