5E Dwarven Ale

The famous Kilia's Rye Ale has a vinegary taste followed by an aggressive aftertaste
Grudgebuster Cider smells like oak trees and is best served cold
Greatshield has a grainy flavour and doesn't travel well
Ogrefreezer has a powdery taste. This one has a golden colour
Ulfgar's Cask Ale smells like fresh hay
Fallond's Strong Ale smells like sulphur and causes excessive flatulence. This one has a circle created in the foam
Bolhild's Honey Porter has a warming taste. This one has bits of food floating in it
Jawmelter has a strong tang. This one is light-bodied
Nordak's Red Cider causes memory loss
Southfall has a grainy aftertaste. This one sticks to the glass