5e DnD Arctic Encounter

Encounters in the Arctic occur in icy tundra, tall glaciers and snowy peaks. They might occur outside an igloo, on an iced over lake or in a winter blizzard. [dnd5e] [encounters] [Arctic]

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Nalral is a crafty dwarf thug with delicate hands. He likes dancing and is currently making a hole
At a glacial valley which is cursed ground
They are eating


a crevasse opens in the ground
At a wide canyon and a pile of bricks

At a snow-covered outcrop. There is a well. snow is falling
They are swearing revenge on something
In a fight they use ranged attacks and try to keep in cover
Possibly... during the fight something isn't where it is supposed to be
Difficulty... 450 Deadly


1 Githzerai Zerth (Monster Manual p.161)

Phasha is a mature githzerai zerth with ornate jewelry. They are on a mission for a mentor and have information about a villain or rival
At a cage with a criminal near a wide hollow
They are on patrol

Nuraval is a lucky male dwarf guard who smells of flowers. He has several unpopular views and is currently drinking ale
At a limestone rock. there is an overturned kayak
They are searching the area for sustenance