D&D 5E Combat Encounter

Combat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

level: group size: terrain: sources: type:

At an orchard of dead fruit trees. there is a sturdy wagon
They are investigating a dead body
In a fight they attack whoever is nearest
Possibly... they have a set of crystal figurines depicting frost and fire giants (750 gp)
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

At an old shed near a pile of rubble and a patch of thorny flowers
They are a shapechanger
In a fight they attack whoever is nearest
Difficulty... 450 Deadly


A group of goblinoids

5 Goblins
1 Hobgoblin

At a shallow pool near a muddy spring and a wide ditch
They are making a treasure map
In a fight they attempt to use the terrain to attack with stealth
Possibly... they have a Shield +1
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

At a group of cultivated trees which is cursed ground
They are are looking for a mate
In a fight they focus on the largest foe
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

At a beautiful valley which is protected by a spirit. there is a covered raft
They are hunting a beast
In a fight they start by targeting the most visible foes
Possibly... during the fight someone spots a dangerous flying creature. It will circle once then fly on
Difficulty... 200 Medium