5e DnD Hill Encounter

Hill terrain covers a range between farmed valleys, rugged moors and mountain foothills. Encounters can occur among mossy rocks, by a stone circle or in an abandoned hill fortress. Often between mountains and plains, civilisation and the wilds, they are the home of vigilant sentries, monstrous raiders and beasts domestic or wild. [dnd5e] [encounters]

level: terrain: sources: type:

At a deep quarry which is sacred to a power of wealth. someone has left a spade
They are trapped by something
In a fight they attack whoever looks most dangerous
Difficulty... 200 Medium

At a fish-filled pond near a sparkling stream. there is a makeshift tent
They are are fleeing a natural disaster or other event
In a fight they attack whoever is nearest
Difficulty... 100 Easy

Desna is a determined lizardfolk covered in jewelry. She believes in doing the right thing. and has has bad news for one of the PCs
At a grove of dying shrubs. There is a decorated cairn. there is a harmless group of flies in the area
They are playing on a slope

At a flint quarry. a fog is forming
They are investigating a cave entrance
In a fight they swarm the most dangerous warrior
Possibly... during the fight someone has a vision of the future
Difficulty... 100 Easy


an illusion disguises dangerous terrain
At an area of stones. The area is disguised by a hallucinatory terrain