5e DnD Road Encounter

A highway connecting two prominent cities, an ancient trail through sylvan woods or a road built by dwarves and now used by local tribes. Meet desperate brigands, friendly pilgrims, hungry mercenaries and locals herding goats

level: terrain: sources: type:


An area of dead magic (functions as antimagic field spell)
At a patch of green berries by a cage with an animal and a smouldering campfire. there is a sign with a warning to traitors

They are having a argument about food and ask your opinion
At an unusual tower. nearby is the fresh corpse of an avian monster
They are working on a buiding
Possibly... they have 1d2 beans from a Bag of Beans

At a sacred spring. there is a wrecked handcart
They are begging for food
In a fight they run and hide if things go badly
Possibly... they have tinker's tools
Difficulty... 437.5 Deadly


A group of undead

1 Mummy
2 Crawling Claws (Monster Manual p.44)

At a hot springs
They are sheltering from bad weather
In a fight they focus all their attention on any obvious spellcaster
Difficulty... 720 Deadly

Norixius Rathkran is a mature tiefling assassin with an unusual hair colour. They have a large family and have a friend in common with one of the PCs
At a group of exposed shrubs near an overgrown tunnel entrance and a pool. there are obvious tracks of nearby
They are curious to see where the path goes
Possibly... they have a Weapon of Warning