5e DnD Ruins Encounter

Ruins might be a haunted mansion, an abandoned village or a crumbling tomb, among broken masonry, fallen pillars and piles of debris. They are home to restless spirits, strange oozes, desperate cultists and arcane experiments. [dnd5e] [encounters]

level: terrain: sources: type:

At an ancient mausoleum and a singing campfire
They are waiting for someone
In a fight they run away as fast as they can if things go badly
Possibly... during the fight something isn't where it is supposed to be
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

Therlin Stoutale is an optimistic dwarf cult fanatic with a metal breastplate. She has cousins in every town and is currently guarding the area
At a waste-filled slow stream. It is associated with a dangerous nothic. there is a sled
They are are guarding a location


1 Githzerai Monk (Monster Manual p.161)

Earthchest is a short-tempered githzerai monk with a shaved head. They are an expert runner and seek to explore the world one tavern at time
At a monastery. The area is associated with a dangerous sphinx. there is a cool breeze from the north-west
They are performing a ritual

Nybarg is a patriotic commoner with a tired look. They believe in a philosophy of constant change and are currently moaning about life
At an old bench near a hidden sinkhole
They are sheltering from bad weather


1 Spy

Shevarra is a mysterious human spy with a noticeable scar. She believes honor is for fools and is currently looking for entertainment
At a slow stream by a mound of stones. slighty hidden is a spade
They are studying pictures