5e DnD Urban Encounter

Encounters in an urban environment conjure scenes of derelict buildings, grand temples and overflowing sewers. They could occur in a narrow cobbled street, gloomy graveyard or a busy public park.

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1 Half-Ogre (Monster Manual p.238)

Janyn is a pacifist half-ogre with a variety of crossbows. She is hot-tempered with others and seeks an escort to get to a nearby dungeon
At a bridge. there is writing here in Goblin
They are fleeing something nearby

At a barren hill. It is touched by fiendish magic. there are a few large stones
They are looking for a new home or lair
In a fight they work together to focus on the foe that stands out most
Difficulty... 437.5 Deadly

At a tavern. It is associated with ponys. there is the remains of a monster
They are lost in the area
In a fight they coordinate attacks on foes with ranged weapons
Possibly... during the fight enemy reinforcements arrive
Difficulty... 200 Medium

At a winding path. It is blessed by a power of festival. heavy rain is falling
They were summoned here by something (magic/dreams/instinct)
In a fight they attack whoever is causing them the most pain
Possibly... during the fight someone has a vision of the future
Difficulty... 600 Deadly


there is an angry mob approaching
At a decorated monument surrounded by heath