Adventure Location

Short location for an encounter, ambush or distraction. Options for a possible interesting extra.

tools for - dnd5e encounters location

terrain: Terrain Type:

A covered cave entrance near a concealed cave entrance (close by is an area of stunted heath)
A cage with a criminal by a patch of dying foliage (there is the scent of disease in the air)
A rowing boat on a sparkling lake's edge (someone is screaming for help nearby)
A crossing of stepping stones over a stream (which is associated with life magic)
A barren mesa and a pair of cultivated shrubs entwined (someone has left a tunic)
A patch of cultivated foliage (someone is calling for help nearby)
An abandoned mine entrance and a haunted grave (there is a warm breeze from the south)
A set of half-built stone steps leading up a valley slope (which is a dead magic zone (similar to an antimagic field))
A newly-built temple of a power of courage (the area is desecrated ground)
A tainted stream near a shrine to a forgotten power (there is the bones of a beetle)