Adventure Location

Short location for an encounter, ambush or distraction. Options for a possible interesting extra.

terrain: Terrain Type:

A newly-built lodge near a deep pool with something shiny (lying here is a rusty sword)
A gold rock (nearby is smouldering campfire)
A stone mosaic near a whitewashed shrine to a power of madness (slighty hidden is a chair)
A shiny outcrop (which has a programmed illusion)
A fish-filled pond with many insects by a ruined gravestone (it is sunny)
A large fish-filled pool fed by a spring (there are several bones)
A pair of fruit saplings and a shallow depression (it is wet)
A waterfall into a wide lake (the area is in the area of a hallow spell)
A sacred spring by a patch of dead shrubs (there is writing here in Dwarvish)
A body hanging from a tree by a cairn (close by is concealed cave entrance)