Adventure Location

Short location for an encounter, ambush or distraction. Options for a possible interesting extra.

tools for - dnd5e encounters location

terrain: Terrain Type:

A stack of rotting waste and a narrow ditch (nearby is a clear spring)
A freshly-dug hole (there is a charred cart)
A tainted stream fed by a spring and a sheltered cairn (currently there is thunder and lightning)
A smooth rock by an old mausoleum (close by is a group of ferns)
A field of thorny sedge (the area is protected by a flying sword)
A few damaged shrubs surrounded by plants (there is the body of a red dragon)
A pile of coins (close to a ford over a muddy river)
A reddish stream fed by a spring surrounded by leaves (there is the scent of rotting waste lingering in the air)
A newly-buit tomb near a sea stack (there are several pieces of wood)
A meeting of two rivers (something is shouting for help nearby)