D&D Encounter Location

Terrain: Terrain Type:

A beautiful waterfall in front of a cave-mouth. The area is protected by a flying sword. there is the remains of an ice mephit
An area of rock-strewn ground with a pond of thin ice. a blizzard is starting
A broken snow-capped cliff and a pool of thin ice. red berries are scattered around
A narrow waterfall into a fish-filled lake. It is in an area affected by a mirage arcana
A melting ice crack which is associated with death magic. several pieces of wood are scattered around
A hut surrounded by plants
A ridge of blue ice which is associated with bears
A deep hollow near a sparkling stream fed by a spring. large hailstones are falling
A frigid pool near a decaying sapling. a freezing mist covers the area
An area of dead sedge. There is a column of cracked ice. purple flowers are dotted about