Adventure Location

Short location for an encounter, ambush or distraction. Options for a possible interesting extra.

terrain: Terrain Type:

A strange bridge over a stream and a wide hole (nearby is a wooden walkway leading up a cliff)
A sheltered valley and a shallow brook (heavy rain is falling)
A meeting of two rivers (close by is reed-filled pool)
An area of cacti and a dirty spring (close to a waterfall into a clear lake)
A swift stream (there is a white tent)
A collapsed stone wall (there is a pile of ivory)
A pair of fruit trees near an ivy-covered hovel (nearby is the fresh corpse of a baboon)
A few tall shrubs near a foul-smelling stream fed by a spring (slighty hidden is a wooden box)
A crumbling mill (there is a rainbow)
A hidden sinkhole near a patch of dead reeds (close by is patch of damaged flowers)