Adventure Location

Short location for an encounter, ambush or distraction. Options for a possible interesting extra.

terrain: Terrain Type:

A decorated tomb (nearby is the fresh corpse of a humanoid)
A well by a ruined shrine to a forgotten power (close to a walkway of slippery stepping stones over a shallow river)
A brightly-painted house and a stone mosaic (nearby is a field of ivy-covered heath)
A statue surrounded by exposed rock (nearby is well)
A desolate ravine (the sky is filled with dark clouds)
A fish-filled stream (there is the corpse of a humanoid)
A deep stream fed by a spring near a yellow ring of mushrooms (nearby is wooden bench)
An overhanging cliff. There is a powerful spring with a swift stream (nearby is clear pool )
A patch of black flowers surrounded by dirt (there is writing in Common)
A pretty tree near a tomb (there is a pile of misshapen rocks)