Adventuring Party of Monsters

A partly-humourous generator of monster adventurers for inspiration, one-shots, villains and rivals. Wight Knights, Lizard Wizards and Vrock-locks arise.

Smoky Cricket Guardians are champions...
  • Lady, a tentacled elk Knowledge Cleric
  • a Zealot named So-Kehur Windrivver. a lawful ghost who loves undead
  • Fenn the hook horror, a bald Death Cleric who has a scarred giant spider
  • Gunnloda, a troubled green slaad Wild Sorcerer who hates fey
the Snarling Cart Pack are scoundrels...
  • led by Mara the Glamor Bard, a spiteful insect swarm who hates travel
  • Ridaro the camel, a troubled Warlock who has an unusual understanding of a historic event
  • Kipper the Trickery Cleric, a pacifist violet fungus who seeks to investigate the sighting of the young of a spider
  • Bane the Zealot, a colourful pixie
  • Chil, a tenacious giant rat Death Cleric who loves travel
the Snarling Society of the Good Lantern are opportunists...
  • led by Bane the needle blight, a patriotic Land Druid who is being hunted by agents of the local ruler
  • a Fighter named Kas. a troubled incubus who has a happy swarm of ravens
  • Rockspeaker the guardian naga, an inquisitive Scribe who seeks to get enough wealth to buy a family home
  • an Inquisitive named Runetop. a furry guardian naga who has committed a crime and is trying to cover it up
  • Rockdive the Genie Warlock, a brave storm giant
  • Quilla "Redhat" the merrow, a dirty Wild Sorcerer
Karg and the Orphans are adventurers...
  • Conviction, a dogmatic treant Samurai who loves work
  • Malot, an unhappy wolf Fighter
  • "Falling Star" the warhorse skeleton, a dramatic Cavalier who has an ugly owl
  • a Transmuter named Cefrey. a cursed blue slaad who seeks new experiences to record in their journal
  • Hennet the Trickery Cleric, a fiendish winter wolf
  • Eknamion the Great the Swarmkeeper, a good pegasus
the Crew of the Forgotten Antelope are rebels...
  • Crocodile the Shepherd Druid, a troubled displacer beast
  • Troll the Hexblade, a reckless myconid adult who believes in the value of destiny
  • Verdun the Hunter, a half-dragon banshee
  • Grigi the Valor Bard, a famous insect swarm who hates gnolls
  • a Light Cleric named Emen the Warden. a successful crocodile who has a spongy violet fungus