Adventuring Party of Monsters

A partly-humourous generator of monster adventurers for inspiration, one-shots, villains and rivals. Wight Knights, Lizard Wizards and Vrock-locks arise.

Shadow Snake Stars are scoundrels...
  • a Battlemaster named Gnarsh Dyernina. an eloquent vampire who has an amusing owl
  • Pseudo, a charismatic incubus Astral Self Monk who has a tentacled pigeon
  • a Genie Warlock named Petal Deephollow. an inventive dryad who has a crazy stirge
  • Zak, a notable gray slaad Glamor Bard who believes in work before play
Grumbar and the Swords are adventurers...
  • a Valor Bard named "Hag ". a crazy giant sea horse who has a valued possession, a heirloom
  • Mardred the gibbering mouther, a gentle Forge Cleric who seeks to start an inn
  • a Peace Cleric named Dhazros. a charming fire elemental who hates talking
  • Nordak, a vulgar deva Four Elements Monk
Dirty Brothers are rebels...
  • Silverhelm the Spores Druid, a secretive manticore who hates crowds
  • Trollspeaker the Ancients Paladin, a patriotic giant frog who hates talking
  • Troll the black pudding, a reclusive Aberrant Sorcerer who has agreed to spy for a rival
  • Pixie the giant vulture, a swarthy Thief who is unable to hide emotions
  • Gorev the yeti, a friendly Storm Herald
the Mean Lancers are opportunists...
  • Pheasant, an ugly giant poisonous snake Scout
  • Bard named "Vile". a black unicorn who is looking for a new relationship
  • a Four Elements Monk named Queen. an orcish magmin who seeks to start a family
  • Dragon the War Mage, a noisy otyugh who hates cities
  • Thuridan Floshem, a spiritual couatl Hexblade who has a fat frog
the Ugly Spears are adventurers...
  • Bigwick the Broken the water elemental, a perverse Eagle Totem Warrior who seeks to deliver an elemental clock
  • Sorcerer named Enialis. a dull fomorian who has a dream of owning a flying ship
  • Cryptic, a shapechanging violet fungus Celestial Warlock
  • Vadania Amastacia, a focused imp Shadow Monk
  • Rrath the Paladin, a ruthless blue dragon