Adventuring Party of Monsters

A partly-humourous generator of monster adventurers for inspiration, one-shots, villains and rivals. Wight Knights, Lizard Wizards and Vrock-locks arise.

tools for - dnd5e oneshot adventurers

Warriors of the Small Campsite are scoundrels...
  • led by Maagog Gyrashiil the Barbarian, a callous incubus who is looking for a silver ring
  • "Jade" the Mercy Monk, a religious remorhaz
  • Myojin, a proud piercer Mercy Monk who is superstitious about animals
  • a Whispers Bard named Max. a brave aboleth who has an excited owl
the Snarling Stone Witches are misfits...
  • led by Strophia the Red, a visionary vampire Redemption Paladin who is hunting down a thief
  • an Ancestral Guardian named Selassie. a glittering ochre jelly who hates wasting time
  • Merry, a lawful ogre Redemption Paladin who has an aggressive goat
  • Huru the green hag, a mercenary Order Cleric
  • Weasel the giant centipede, a cold-hearted Eloquence Bard
the Ugly Shrine Slayers are heroes...
  • led by Bubbles, a gaunt vine blight Stars Druid who seeks ancient gnomish lore
  • a Tempest Cleric named Geddag. a repulsive magma mephit who is the owner of much of the nearby land
  • Usnoq, a rebel ochre jelly Draconic Sorcerer
  • a Gloom Stalker named Thimble. a wounded unicorn who has a dumb piercer
the Little Sharks are heroes...
  • led by an Old One Warlock named Pretender. an aloof shadow demon who is being hunted by agents of the local ruler
  • Callie the Valor Bard, a chaotic brass dragon
  • Blizagrok the Kensai Monk, a flamboyant couatl who hates fiends
  • Agony the Eagle Totem Warrior, a spiritual gelatinous cube
  • Netbrine the banshee, a blessed Phantom who has been obsessed with exercise for the last few weeks
  • Astral, a famous night hag Valor Bard who has fallen in love with a wealthy gambler
Enterprise of the Water are champions...
  • "Wolverine" the giant toad, a fearless Swarmkeeper
  • Coldbath the Alchemist, a tenacious giant scorpion who has a glowing young owlbear
  • Pada the Draconic Sorcerer, a heroic ghoul who is trying to warn of a demon invasion
  • Modron the Old One Warlock, a wary ogre