D&D Notable Location

A location that is known locally or further afield, as a landmark, place of history, magical danger or otherwise noteworthy.


The Sanctuary of Alabaster Torment is a giant statue. It is associated with robins. It is associated with a powerful dragon. the gold witch used it for a ritual a few years ago.
A beautiful orchard. It is in a meadow. It is sacred to a power of courage. a planar portal was built here.
Ruins of Lemonisle is a lonely garden.
A ruined library. a talkative dragon is buried here.
An overgrown mushroom ring. It is associated with a dangerous dragon.
Ruins of Lord's Sound is a dusty bridge. It is used as a temple by a power of vengeance. It is cursed ground.
Ruins of Stokelant is a floating reservoir. an an obese ruler lives here. Tales say the the Chasm of the Shadowed Cult is nearby..
A glistening quarry. It is at a river crossing. a great ritual occurs here every equinox. It is associated with lizards.
An enchanted glade. Tales say the The Mysterious Lodge is nearby..
Ruins of Rillusk is a glade. It is associated with a magical fiend. a prophecy was made about this place.