D&D Notable Location

A location that is known locally or further afield, as a landmark, place of history, magical danger or otherwise noteworthy.

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A hidden ruins. It is at the edge of a lake. is said that the Tower of Oakroad is nearby..
A mysterious hill. It is in a meadow. It is in the area of a hallow spell.
A cursed ice cap. It is where a creature was imprisoned.
A cursed meadow. has the burial site of a visionary emperor.
The Woods of Sea is an enchanted copse. It is at a river crossing. was the site of a legendary battle - mercenaries allied with goblinoids lost to mercenaries and there is a weathered memorial remembering it.
Bride of Beaver is a bank. It has an aura of powerful water magic. It has a programmed illusion involving a harvest scene.
Henk's Woods is an overgrown tavern. It is at a crossroads. It is blessed by a power of harvest. is part of an ongoing struggle between local rulers.
A sinister mansion. It is associated with a power of greed.
Head of Stranger's Point is a decorated valley. It is at the edge of a lake. It is protected by an awakened roc. It is cursed ground. is where a cursed weapon was created by the blue general.
An unusual plateau.