D&D One Shot

An outline for a one-shot adventure with the situation, what the characters are, the aim of the one-shot, events during it and an ending.

The PCs are hungry fighters who must destroy a sacrificial animal. It might involve fungi.
There is a manipulative sorcerer who comes with them. they are the mentor of a character.
The characters start in a tense stand-off. At some point there is a big fight scene. If things are going nowhere a storm approaches.
It finishes with a procession or carnival.

The PCs are troubled instructors at an academy who must escape from an elemental ranch. It might involve gnolls.
There is a famous witch who turns out to be the villain.
The characters start waking at a shipwreck. Early on they find a useful magic item. If things are going nowhere a storm approaches.
Afterwards there is the group all sharing a joke.

The PCs are novice bards who must defeat a wealthy oni. It might involve fey.
There is a ruthless witch who falls in love with a character. they are the uncle of a character.
The characters start on the road about to encounter someone. Early on they spot foes who are unaware of them. If things get stuck there is an earthquake.
Afterwards there is a family gathering.

The PCs are veteran leaders of a cult who must make a trade with a crazed archmage. It might involve dragons.
There is an infamous cleric who wants to do the same thing.
The characters start at the scene of a murder. Partway through there is a funeral. If things slow down something betrays them.
At the end there is a reward of blessing of a deity.

The PCs work for a secret society who must give something to an artifact-wielding lizard king/queen. It might involve dark elves.
There is a heartbroken noble who hates one of the characters.
The characters start with an escaped beast. Partway through they encounter somewhere easy to get lost. If things get stuck a pet escapes.
At the end there is a reward of an audience with someone famous.