DnD One Shot

The PCs are evil spies who must destroy a walled planar fortress. It might involve dwarves.
There is an eccentric demon who works against them. they worked together with a character.
The characters start on the road about to encounter someone. At some point they encounter a guardian monster that hinders their progress. If things get stuck someone tries to steal from them.
At the end there is a reward of a few magic items.

The PCs are lawful guild artisans who must defeat a celestial devil. It might involve snakes.
There is a rival noble who wants to do the same thing.
The characters start in a chase scene. Partway through they encounter someone who tries to arrest them. If things get stuck a character has to make a saving throw or Perception check.
It finishes with one character narrating about all of the others.

The PCs are young half-orcs who must collect a bounty on a celestial yuan-ti abomination. The mood might be... deep
There is a resourceful bard who falls in love with a character.
The characters start teleported somewhere hostile. Partway through they find a useful artifact. If things slow down a chase starts.
At the end there is a tavern burning down.

The PCs are shapechanging artificers who must steal a fiendish bow. It might involve dragons.
There is a helpful servant who has important information for them.
The characters start during an attempted escape. Partway through foes try to ambush them. If things slow down there is a explosion.
Afterwards there is a reward of a grand feast.

The PCs are scarred entertainers who must befriend/tame a mutant cloaker. The mood might be... grim and gritty
There is a manipulative local who hates one of the characters.
The characters start with an explosion. Partway through there is a romantic complication. If things get stuck a deity sends a sign or omen.
It finishes with the characters all posing together.