D&D One Shot

An outline for a one-shot adventure with the situation, what the characters are, the aim of the one-shot, events during it and an ending.


The characters are chaotic ogres who must solve mystery of a missing god.
It is at a ruined shrine which is touched by nature magic.
There are goblinoids preparing for a feast. And an unpredictable painter seeks to deliver a warning to an artistic minstrel.
At some point they notice an obvious clue.
As the adventure progresses people start to gather for a funeral

The characters are shapechanging guild artisans who must find a bejeweled boat. A characters is under a geas.
It is at an overgrown ship which is touched by the Feywild.
There are friendly outlaws getting ready for a hunt. And an old priest seeks to avoid their death, foretold to be on this night.
At some point they discover a secret door.
As the adventure progresses the characters receive a series of visions

The PCs are troubled druids who must take part in a tournament. It might involve bullywugs.
There is a ruthless monk who falls in love with a character.
The characters start in a chase scene. At some point they encounter a symbol spell. If things slow down someone has/remembers a dream.
It finishes with one character narrating about all of the others.

The PCs are old druids who must secure a mithril spear. It might involve mind flayers.
There is an infamous ranger who has important information for them. they are the drinking companion of a character.
The characters start running away from something. At some point they find a useful magic item. If things get stuck someone tries to steal from them.
Afterwards there is a reward of a political alliance. Possible sequel... a clue from a reward or treasure points to an infamous dungeon...

The PCs are veteran tabaxi who must put on a fashion show. It might involve summer.
There is a talkative scout who turns out to be the villain. they share a passion with a character.
The characters start during an attempted escape. At some point they encounter an ooze. If things are going nowhere they find a written note.
Afterwards there is a reward of a cursed but powerful magic item.