DnD One Shot

The PCs are penniless soldiers who must deliver a golden staff.
But an insane mercenary comes with them. It involves working together with a rival party.
The mood might be... grim and gritty

The PCs are imprisoned adventurers who must slay an undead.
But a desperate ranger works against them. It involves an old foe.
The mood might be... relaxed

The PCs are imprisoned sorcerers who must complete a unusual 10-tavern crawl.
But an old ranger tries to help them. It involves a cursed item .
The mood might be... creepy

The PCs are drunk dwarves who must destroy a famous artifact.
But a shapechanging sage comes with them. It involves a trip to another dimension.
The mood might be... action

The PCs are powerful firbolgs who must investigate a missing noble.
But a dangerous ex-lover wants to do the same thing. It involves an intelligent animal.
The mood might be... deep