DnD One Shot

The PCs are cursed sailors who must protect a cursed ring.
But an aggressive villain comes with them. It involves a celebration.
The mood might be... tense

The PCs are dramatic nobles who must complete a dangerous 6-tavern crawl.
But a vengeful thief turns out to be the villain. It involves an artifact.
The mood might be... manic

The PCs are elderly warlocks who must defeat a witch.
But a desperate relative of a PC tries to help them. It involves a cursed item .
The mood might be... desperate

The PCs are evil shapeshifters who must solve the mystery of a missing noble.
But an aggressive wizard tries to help them. It involves a magic circle.
The mood might be... action

The PCs are chaotic aasimar who must explore a castle.
But a famous sage works against them. It involves a big fight scene .
The mood might be... whimsical