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DnD One Shot


The PCs are lawful farmers who must look after a tavern for one night. It is frequented by wizards.
But an aggressive noble has important information for them. It involves a storm.
The mood might be... deadly serious

The PCs are insane shapeshifters who must befriend a medusa.
But an angry priest works against them. It involves a betrayal.
The mood might be... creepy

The PCs are lawful paladins who must defeat a genie.
But a dangerous alchemist wants to do the same thing. It involves a feast.
The mood might be... deep

The PCs are good shapeshifters who must complete a dangerous 7-tavern crawl.
But a shapechanging ex-lover hates one of the PCs. It involves a big fight scene .
The mood might be... whimsical

The PCs are desperate sorcerers who must destroy an enchanted animal.
But a desperate former friend betrays them partway through. It involves a chase scene.
The mood might be... surreal

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