D&D One Shot

An outline for a one-shot adventure with the situation, what the characters are, the aim of the one-shot, events during it and an ending.


The PCs are fugitive spies who must destroy a ceremonial tapestry. A characters is on a personal quest here. It might involve elemental fire.
There is a feared otyugh who turns out to be the villain. they are the mentor of a character.
The characters start running away from something. At some point they encounter an animated statue. If things get stuck a friendly animal leads them in the right direction.
Afterwards there is the characters splitting up treasure.

The PCs are young warlocks who must escape from a hidden golem factory. It might involve ghosts.
There is a hilarious nothic who hates one of the characters.
The characters start during an attempted escape. Partway through they encounter a natural barrier blocking their path. If things slow down they spot a lone enemy scout.
At the end there is an idyllic rural scene.

The PCs are troubled githzerai who must destroy an ancient cloud castle. The mood might be... relaxed
There is an eccentric politician who tries to help them.
The characters start on a sinking vessel. Early on they encounter a chasm blocking their path. If things are going nowhere they receive a useful sending.
It finishes with a cut-scene of each character.

The characters are outstanding members of elite warrior group who must slay a wealthy sewers.
It is at a dwarven sinkhole which is disguised by a hallucinatory terrain.
There are several hungry orcs hiding from something. And a band of bandits wants to destroy an ancient shipwreck.
At some point an ally turns up with useful information.
As the adventure progresses a series of grim omens signal the arrival of a deity of war

The characters are chaotic clerics who must ransack an overgrown treehouse. A character is possessed by a ghost.
It is at a colorful underwater city which is a dead magic zone (similar to an antimagic field).
There are a pack of talkative thieves intoxicated. And a plotting guildmaster seeks to investigate the source of a powerful curse.
At some point someone dies.
As the adventure progresses there is a series of disappearances