DnD Party of Adventurers Name

Names for a group of dnd adventurers. Based on party exploits, composition, a character name, place or something else. From the humourous to serious to lame.

Agents of the Golden Wolves
The Virtuous Protectors
The Children of the Gold Dragon
The Gold Man Winds
The Gulf of Soldiers Five
The Sad Champions
Howling Ogre Delvers
Club of the Glorious Slayers
The Dull Garden Slayers
Obsidian Travelers
Dungeon Dogs
Baker's Dozen
Blessed Agency of the Five Axes
The Mad Turtle Guild
Fortunate Bracelet Crows
The Pious Sorcerer Elves
Scions of the Kraken
Mumed and the Eagles
Questers of the Furious Rose
Gleaming Delvers
Varg's Happy Party
High Mug Foxes
The Brilliant Emissaries
Charcoal Ram Emissaries
Carric's Dream