DnD Party Name

Names for a group of dnd adventurers. Based on party exploits, composition, a character name, place or something else. From the humourous to serious to lame.

The Circle of Mosschester
Accord of the Forlorn Parrot
The Falling Guild
Grim Fire Comrades
Pious Rhino Society
Blue Wyrm Brigade
The Seekers of the Jovial Succubus
The Hunters of Redtown
Megged's Archers
Open and the Fangs
The Unlucky Net Helms
The Knights of Oakcast
The Club of the Lamb
River Gang
Mad Ooze Redeemers
The Gold Mammals
Berrian and Her Low Fellowship
Skull and Crossbows
Gimurt's Shattered Pirates
Burning Shrine Champions
Band of the Ashen Wand
Holy Coin Knights
Maagog and the Bats
Five Stars and a Duck
Red Family of the Big Cod