DnD Party of Adventurers Name

Names for a group of dnd adventurers. Based on party exploits, composition, a character name, place or something else. From the humourous to serious to lame.

Halimath's Shining Club
The Reflective Doe Vanquishers
Ander's Party
Brilliant Thistle Friends
The Cruel Questers
The Glorious Shards
Masters of the Dungeon
The Blessed Iguana Cabal
Carlin's Worthy Bearers
The Scions of the Impulsive Vulture
The Loyal Fireballs
Noble Sword Fellowship
Green Lake Riders
Obsidian Orchard Brigade
Enterprise of the Golden Pony
The Peaceful Hunters of the Twin Diggers
League of the Shadow Sharpshooters
Earthen Kindred
Kindred of the Pearl Waves
The Eldritch Lances
Burnt Tavern Fools
The Crawling Delvers of the Purple Liar
Lawful League of the Pool
The Servants
The Happy Bridge Lovers