D&D Party Name

Names for a group of dnd adventurers. Based on party exploits, composition, a character name, place or something else. From the humourous to serious to lame.

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Ten Avengers and a Salmon
Adventurers of the Five Strangers
Legion of the Merry Shipmaker
Ivory Three from Rilwood
Rasrug's Scar Spirits
The Stout Owls
Paeliasspark Thirteen
Ten Nomads and a Griffin
Order of the Grave
Cerquay Adventurers
Angry Nomads
The Witches of the Lone Chest
The Elves of the Golden Air
Dark Dove Demons
Troupe of the Olden Sprite
Kazak's Unlucky Crew
Sharpshooters of the Bright Saddle
Greedy Posts Sisters
Darrak's Gauntlets
Tomph and His Good Fellowship
The Burnt Vale Society
The Coins
The Poets
The Company of the Laughing Seeker
Good Scorpions