DnD Pet

Dnd pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Excited badgers, elderly dogs, telepathic ducks and spiteful crows.


Mist is a horse. They love to play with children and sometimes glow with a dim light and are resistant to fire damage
Flash is a luminous boar. They are covered in thick fur or hair
Happy is a gentle jaguar. They are always going missing
Destiny is a swan. They have fleas or bugs living on them
Slick is a lobster. They get excited around strangers and you got them to replace another beloved companion that is no more
Rodin is a beautiful ox. They can play or make a tune.
Flumph is a furry giant toad. They try to chase things and love making a mess
Selune is an ornamental giant lizard. They try to eat nearly anything
Druid is a swarm of crabs. They are very territorial
Mimic is a lazy darkmantle. They have an unusual coloration and look thin and underfed