D&D Pet

Princess is a dumb cat. They sometimes glow with a dim light and are resistant to fire damage.
Flotsam is a playful cow . They are missing a limb or body part and they were a gift from a friend
Prince is a duck . They jump on you when you are trying to get to sleep and want to be the center of attention
Lady is a young clockwork pet. They always welcome strangers
Simba is an excited frog . They are always brining you dead things as gifts
Flotsam is a gaunt camel . They love to jump out on people
Echo is a sweet toad. They won't forgive you for several days if you annoy them and always welcome strangers
Bandit is an aggressive crab. They try to chase things and love making a mess
Blink is an affectionate duck . They know and can cast one cantrip.
Honey is a perfect faerie dragon. They are old and it shows and are always getting muddy