Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Excited badgers, elderly dogs, telepathic ducks and spiteful crows.

Torm is an amusing unique insect. They are very impressive at begging and are injured
Destiny is an excited monkey. They like high places and are covered in thick fur or hair
Lucky is a hairy squirrel. They like lying in the sun
Silence is a rabbit . They get excited around strangers and are always causing some kind of trouble
Ripper is an old giant badger. They are healthy and vibrant
Laeral is a large sea snake. They have very large ears or eyes and are healthy and vibrant
Mist is a blink dog. They have an extra tail and have a favourite trick of playing dead
Flower is a poisonous snake. They like to eat footwear
Felix is a pigeon. They wear a small bell or other item that makes a noise
Flash is a pampered shrub. They like to hide shiny things and are affectionate and always wants attention