D&D Pet

Troll is a giant weasel . They like to be near fire and they followed you until you adopted them
Torm is a docile pony. They like high places and regard everything as possible food
Molly is a preying mantis. They try to spend all their time in or near water and look thin and underfed
Honey is a perfect flying sword. They have fleas or bugs living on them and they were a gift from a lover
Oscar is a large giant owl. They love to jump out on people
Honey is an axebeak. They are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible.
Mist is a squirrel. They are always getting muddy and have very large ears or eyes
Honey is a perfect jackal. They are always going missing
Troll is a giant spider. They look thin and underfed and you won them in a bet or game
Bahamut is a strange swarm of bees . They try to follow you everywhere