D&D Pet

Dragon is an awakened cat. They can speak but only know four phrases..
Vixen is a friendly frog . They are marked with an elven rune and can fly or levitate
Ghost is a dark rabbit. They want to be the center of attention and try to chase things
Shar is an ugly toad. They love to be held
Gond is a sleepy toad . They wear a collar or other item with their name on and have very large ears or eyes
Droplet is an alpaca . They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft.
Pepper is an ugly cow . They attack or play with lights and they followed you until you adopted them
Bahamut is a squirrel. They are very impressive at begging
Sparkle is a gentle sea horse. They have fleas or bugs living on them and try to follow you everywhere
Bella is a hairy cat. They try to eat nearly anything and they were a gift from a friend