Slick is a songbird. They are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible.
Mist is a hedgehog . They are covered in scars
Queen is a fat unique slime. They love music and singing
Fluffy is a sweet hawk . They have a muzzle or other item covering their mouth or head and try to follow you everywhere
Bane is an affectionate lizard. They are covered in scars and turn invisible when frightened
Whiskers is a monkey. They love to play with children
Summer is a scruffy parrot. They have fleas or bugs living on them and you won them in a bet or game
Fireball is a smart poisonous snake. They can play or make a tune.
Droplet is a crazy spider. They are covered in scars and they were given to you by family
Fang is a weasel . They hate your close friends