D&D Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.

type: ancestry:

Juri is a big human with a walking cane. He believes in a life of simple pleasure and has a short side quest for the characters
Yarjerit Norkuuth is a determined berserker with an eye-catching belt. They are always playing cards and are currently whispering to several people
Nurkara is an envious dwarf with an unusual hair colour. They are driven by a hunger for money and are currently coughing and sneezing
With a shield bearing crude drawings, Mormo is a stubborn captain. They loathe giants and are currently practising for a tournament
Lander Murnyethara is a veteran knight covered in gaudy jewelry and fresh piercings. They love Three Dragon Ante and are currently doing something illegal
Agrus is a humble human hunter with a military posture. He believes in a life of simple pleasure and is currently playing a game
Holding a gold coin, Astar is a rugged tiefling acolyte. They love to appear mysterious by saying phrases in Celestial and have sworn an oath to atone for past misdeeds.
Ownka Tallstag is a composed high elf charlatan with a scruffy chicken. They are always making jokes and have a hidden affiliation with an enemy faction
Wearing expensive jewelry, Fallthra Bofdann is a tough dwarf. They are an expert dancer and seek help to protect a herd of beasts
Dagnal Darksharp is an enigmatic noble with a swollen nose. He has little patience for long discussions and is currently doing something illegal