D&D Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.

type: ancestry:

Sev is a crippled wood elf storyteller with ill-fitting attire and a distinctive nose. She loves long stories and is currently asking for help
Duerif Whitesharp is a bored servant with several crossbows. She has many friends and seeks to find a glowing Tome of Regeneration
Ahinar Berevan is an ugly charlatan with a gilded harp. They are a retired adventurer and have a love of gambling and a challenge for a character
Murder is an ethical charlatan with a furry poisonous snake companion and a damaged musical instrument. They are learning swear words in many languages and are currently humming a shanty
Neeva is an outgoing female human with a colourful tattoo of a kobold. She adores ales and is currently speaking too quickly to an underling
With a brighty-colored musical instrument, Long is a laughing female dwarf poet. She likes the outdoors and has a weakness for mixing various alcoholic drinks
Wearing lots of expensive jewelry, Linxakasendalor Tatyan is a well-muscled female dragonborn wizard. She has an affinity with lizards and seeks wealth to pay off a debt
Woe is an insecure female forester with a dark poisonous snake pet and a colorful nose ring. She is always trying out new theories and is currently waiting by a powerful spring
Jallarzi is a fiery female lightfoot halfling with rags. She is always and is a member of a rival faction
Oppah "Blueberry" Geparas is a bitter male rock gnome covered in battle scars and a defensive posture. He is fluent in a rare language and is currently frowning at no one obvious