D&D Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.


Beldelle is a serious rock gnome sage with an expressive face. He is collecting books from across the lands and seeks wealth to raise their family from poverty
Pavel Buckman is a foul-mouthed male human herbalist with a scruffy owl pet and a bright yellow hat. He believes in never backing down first and is looking for a new beast companion
Immeral Horineth is a wealthy criminal with expensive clothes. He believes in freedom above all else and has committed a secret crime or misdeed
Amber is a cursed dwarf mercenary with a magical halberd. She loathes relying on others and is currently playing st dice
Vorel Vay is an eccentric male human with animal furs. He has to flip a coin to make most choices and seeks wealth to pay off a debt
Sarwyn Drakefoe is an ugly half-elf potter who smells of flowers. He is always seeking out shrines and has a friend in common with one of the PCs
Anton is a scary human weaver who smells of smoke. They have has the ideal of Charity and have a weakness for mixing various alcoholic drinks
Nebin Strongbones is an emotional hermit with a fat quipper in water companion. He is great with children and is currently asking for money
Sokali is a superstitious half-orc with a jeweled matched pair of rings. They are often reckless and are currently asking for directions
Zasheir is a vigilant forest gnome shoemaker with knee-high leather boots. He believes in the ideal of Friendship and is currently trying to hide