D&D Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.

tools for - dnd5e npcs

type: ancestry:

Tancinus is a ruthless fighter wearing dirty clothing. They adore to gamble and are currently speaking with very long word to an underling
Kazak Ironfinder is a sexy half-orc student holding an instrument. He is scared by any mention of dreams and is a member of an allied faction
Nevil Alepuddle is an insecure male halfling with a shield bearing a holy symbol. He has an unusual knowledge of beetles and is currently dancing
Dressed in torn clothes, Usha is an animated female human messenger. She has a low, gruff voice and has a valued possession, a feathered quiver of arrows
Criella is a cautious female criminal with an odour of carrion and a half-covered tattoo of a griffon. She is a loud speaker and seeks ruins they saw in a vision
Ivellios Holimion is a lying male elf fighter with an expressive face and a noticeable scar. He is on a mission for a mentor and is currently spreading the word of a deity of night
Groa Amberglow is a grim half-orc charlatan with hairy arms and knuckles and ears that stick out. They like talking in Sylvan and are currently speaking in a high voice to someone imaginary
Armara is a sad female tiefling with a magical red eyepatch and a metal breastplate. She believes in work before play and seeks glory at any cost
Morana is an intense wood elf covered in cheap jewelry. They are a skilled sailor and seek to start a family
Mumed Hahpet is a relaxed human carpenter with a stooped posture and a distinctive birthmark. They adore animals and are currently sitting on a patch of muddy heath