Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.


Mardred is a repulsive dwarf with a smoking pipe. They are always talking about distant family and have to confront a fiend released by actions of a loved one
Darrak is a slim male dwarf with a magical drum. He is extremely open-minded and has a feud with a resourceful charlatan
Meriele is a broad elf with burnt arms. She is fluent in a dead language and has has good news for one of the PCs
Jelenneth Iranapha is a stylish elf with a walking cane. She is on a personal quest for enlightenment and has has information about a quest of the PCs
Enidda "Badger" Offund is a slim female gnome tutor with thinning hair. She is a famed artist and is currently whistling