D&D Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity.

tools for - dnd5e npcs

type: ancestry:

Marigold Smoothhands is an opinionated female halfling minstrel wearing long leather gloves. She adores pretty faces and seeks to explore a gnomish academy
Mumed Ulmokina is a mature sailor with a beast half-mask. He has a low, gruff voice and has bad news for a character
With thinning hair and a prominent criminal brand, Kromryl Ogrebane is a serious dwarf cleric. He has several small pets and is currently painting their surroundings
With prominent teeth and an expensive scarab, Azaki is a well-muscled acolyte. He is proud of a trophy collection and has information about a quest of the group
Raam is a shaved male tiefling boatmaker with an intense gaze. He is fluent in a rare language and has a collection of trinkets from many lands
Paela is a dirty halfling fighter wearing gaudy jewelry. She believes in educating others about fiends and is currently painting a toy dragonborn
Eldon is a focused male halfling druid with a gemstone amulet. He is feuding with a neighbour over something petty and is currently exercising
Anbera Broodfist is a beautiful dwarf sage with a strong chin and a collection of axes. She believes in feasting at every opportunity and is currently dancing
With a bright blue cloak, Wobbles is a bad-smelling gnome barbarian. He adores conversations on food and has information about a quest of the group
Holding a musical instrument and a brightly patterned shield, Brenniss Frostrest is a distracted rock gnome. She is always talking about spiders and is currently roaring a famous song about fiends