Quick NPC

NPC based on 3 line npc method with a quick visible trait and name, a bit of personality and a hook or activity. [dnd5e] [npcs]


Koja is a beautiful male human musician with rough hands. He has several unpopular views and is currently studying some writing
Mogara is a youthful minotaur with a gold pair of earrings. They loathe the outdoors and are currently arguing with a friend
Urshar Rockgate is a broad dwarf with a scarred cockroach. They have an insult for every occasion and are currently playing st dice
Shaumar Murnyethara is a dirty human assassin with a basket of food. They are fascinated by dragons and are currently whistling
Felosial is a short female elf with a dirty songbird. She has has the ideal of Live and Let Live and is currently telling jokes to a pet