5E Quick NPC

Bilga Dundragon is a sinister female half-orc soldier with many tattoos. She is fond of speaking in rhyme and has a request of one of the PCs
Hashphronyxadyn Pogranix is an alert dragonborn with a terrible scar. She is suspicious of others and is currently speaking in a high voice to a family member
Fargrim Caebrek is an agile dwarf magistrate with a bright red bag. He is suspicious of others and has a specific phobia
Ivor is a scarred male human with a damaged pair of boots. He is terrified of shadows and has an old friendship with one of the PCs
Marastyr Deepblood is an ugly dwarf guild artisan with a braided beard or hair. They are on a personal quest for enlightenment and have no true wealth but appears as if they do