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5E Encounter

Encounter Level: Terrain: Amount:

1 Werewolf or Giant Elk

At: A lonely mansion (currently it is foggy)
They are waiting in ambush or hiding from something. Possibly... They are mysteriously protected by another creature

8 Sprites

At: Turbulent river with a small bridge (nearby is the fresh corpse of a humanoid)
They are investigating a dead body. Possibly... They have a prisoner or protector

3 Berserker(s)

At: A flower-dotted orchard (currently it is raining)
They are burying something or digging something up. Possibly... They are part of or sacred to a nearby cult or temple

2 Ghouls led by a Ghast

At: A shallow pool (near to an area of quicksand)
They are fleeing a nearby danger, disaster or other threat. Possibly... One or more of them is diseased

1 Half-Ogres

At: A mesa (currently it is foggy)
They are lost in the area. Possibly... One or more of then is drunk or significantly larger

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