5E - What to Spend 100 Gold on


A spellbook, passage on a ship for 250 miles and an hourglass
4 x budget polearm infantry kit (hide armour, maul, 10 javelins)
A vial of basic poison
Gemstone (50 gp) - moonstone (translucent white with pale blue glow), smith's tools and 50 pounds of iron and a forgery kit and calligrapher's supplies
250 ft of silk rope and a draft horse
A longbow and 1,000 arrows
Hire an alchemist to make you two potions of climbing
Gemstone (50 gp) - onyx (pure white) and a vial of antitoxin
Hire of 10 mercenaries (skilled hirelings) for 5 days
A pound of gold, a scimitar and a mastiff