D&D 5E Trinket - Air

Keepsake, momento, curiousity, heirloom, or sentimental junk possessed by an adventurer or as a minor treasure.
the elemental of Air is the sky and winds, mists, clouds, feathers and long journeys,


Three rings with the head, body and tail of a winged serpent
A crystal harp marked with the saga of a renowned ranger
A wooden flute with no mouthpiece. Plays a tune if held up in the wind
A sacred hunk of bone with a drawing of a roc
A foot made from cotton decorated with jade clouds
An artificial elf eye
A paper kite showing two lovers enjoying a sunset
A cold warhorn made from hawthorn and feathers
An animated bone made from silver adorned in paper wings
A set of playing cards that glow when thrown in the air