D&D 5E Trinket - Air

Keepsake, momento, curiousity, heirloom, or sentimental junk possessed by an adventurer or as a minor treasure.
the elemental of Air is the sky and winds, mists, clouds, feathers and long journeys,


A half-mask that covers the mouth and has a large beak design
A paper lantern covered in bird shapes
The painting of a cloud, made by a young child
A rusty weathervane in the shape of an angel
A battered piece of bone with a list of things not to do in a storm which makes you uncomfortable around heights
An elven piece of bone
A feather belt with a drawing of a hawk with a sky dragon
A griffon's feather that trails sparkling dust
An elven flag made from metal wire and ribbons showing an owl
A golden-hued clothesline made from chitin and silver