D&D 5E Trinket - Sea

Keepsake, momento, curiousity, heirloom, or sentimental junk possessed by an adventurer or as a minor treasure.
Fantasy seas abound with sunken cities, sea monsters, misty islands, ghost ships, underwater civilisations, pirates and shipwrecks


A bottle made from shell
A shard of wood inscribed with a ship name
A tarnished bottle of grey glass
An enchanted shard of coral showing a bouquet of flowers
A brine witch amulet made from linen listing nautical swear words depicting a sea giant
A preserved merfolk eye
A flag made from pearl with the names of sea deities decorated in anenomes
A bottle of scented oil, labeled as "the memory of seeing land after a long voyage"
A shimmering hunk of coral
A nautical lump of wood with a drawing of a harvest scene