D&D 5E Trinket - Sea

Keepsake, momento, curiousity, heirloom, or sentimental junk possessed by an adventurer or as a minor treasure.
Fantasy seas abound with sunken cities, sea monsters, misty islands, ghost ships, underwater civilisations, pirates and shipwrecks

environment: theme:

A slick pirate flag
A brass key
A slippery wooden model ship marked with the true name of a sea horror
A tarnished ocean map with the scent of brine
A long piece of seaweed whose color always matches the nearest body of water
A clockwork mutant turtle bearing Aquan runes for "Wind" and "Wave"
An empty tarnished rum bottle that belonged to a revered druid
A hunk of jade that was given to your family by a sea spirit
A slick bottle of gold glass
A petrified octopus tentacle that floats