5E - What to Spend 100 Gold on

Ideas for things in the market or city for adventurers to spend their gold on. [dnd5e] [adventurers] [treasure]


Gemstone (50 gp) - star rose quartz (translucent rosy stone with white star-shaped center), 1,250 chickens and a cart and mule
A heavy crossbow and 5 platinum coins
9 donkeys and a shortbow
Gemstone (50 gp) - carnelian (opaque orange to red-brown), a climber's kit and jeweler's tools
A potion of healing, 5 pounds of silver and thieves' tools
3 mastiffs and a halberd
A pound of gold and glassblower's tools and smith's tools
A carriage
A wealthy lifestyle for 25 days
2 x polearm infantry kit (ring mail, halberd)