What to Spend Gold on

Ideas for things in the market or city for adventurers to spend their gold on.

tools for - dnd5e adventurers treasure


50 goats
A lyre and 2 lutes
Throw a banquet for ten people
A rowing boat, navigator's tools and 125 pitchers of common wine
Scholar's pack and an explorer's pack, 1,250 chickens and hire of an untrained hireling for 125 days
A disguise kit and several costumes for a disguise wardrobe
A camel, a climber's kit and 5 pounds of silver
A half-share in an elephant
Gemstone (50 gp) - moonstone (translucent white with pale blue glow), art object (25 gp) - pair of engraved bone dice and a book
5 longswords and navigator's tools