City Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, street vendors and friendly npcs [fantasy] [city]


The Blind Executioner is frequented by dwarves and known for rude staff
A new ambassador from a friendly nation has gone missing
The Smiling Dragon Lodge is frequented by students and infamous for singers
Cade the fence recently died and left an unclaimed inheritance and lost a boat in a terrible accident
The spirit of Usha haunts people in the sewers but nobody can put them to rest
Ivellios's Cafe does the best treats in the city. They also have a secret entrance
The city watch have put out several large bounties
The Coin and Jester has a ghost in the basement
A ruined artisan's workshop suffers from a powerful curse
There are expert freeswords offering their services at Traveller and Beggar