City Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, street vendors and friendly npcs


A gloomy stone wall suffers from a powerful curse
The Statue of Naamah is a local landmark which is lit up at night
Perrin recently died and left an unclaimed inheritance
Reverence wants adventurers to explore a hidden townhall and has sold everything to a travelling witch. No chance of that being true
Spirits from The Wonderful Forge have been sighted at night outside the city
Ivor the tutor is a fugitive from a local temple of greed
The the Sisterhood of Brewers is growing politically powerful. Nothing good can come of it
A local temple is covering up a dark secret
Several leatherworkers say they have seen a large winged creature at the warded marketplace in the last few days. So they say
A gnomish artificer called Falcit recently died and their family are having a massive feud. As if that could be true!