City Rumours and Plot Hooks - City

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, street vendors and friendly npcs


An open-minded witch named Helm seeks to track down some adventurers, the Kindred of the Squeaky Water
Eldon Sunmeadow knows the best places for drinks
The temple of battle has been losing many followers to another faith
A tall memorial in the slums is a strange site. It was for an execution by a tyrannical general a few years ago
A scheming oracle was kidnapped by entertainers in the slums
There are fresh adventurers for hire at Maid and Snake Inn
Adrie has a connection to a quest of the group
The Company of Magisters is in a struggle with a local faction
There is an old bakery that is a place of magic
Floklol's Eatery does the finest pies in the city. Just watch out for the dog