People in a Crowd

NPCs who are in a crowded street, bustling marketplace or busy junction. They are all doing something.

An old human shipwright wearing beautiful jewelry who is chewing their hair
A relaxed woman holding a musical instrument who is picking their teeth
A confident farmer with a bone mask who is knocking on a door
A slight man with a hairy elemental celestial toad companion who is playing with a puppy
A confident woman with a scarred baboon who is shouting at passersby
A haughty human armourer covered in long scars who is avoiding a servant
An alert boatswain with a glowing hammer who is closing a door
A joyful male elf wearing jewelry who is coughing and sneezing
A limping human alchemist with a prominent chin who is having a nap
A limping human mystic with piercing eyes who is playing with a large frog