People in a Crowd

NPCs who are in a crowded street, bustling marketplace or busy junction. They are all doing something.

A tough man with webbed fingers who is studying a street vendor
A brazen miller holding a sack of clothes who is laughing at a dog
A tired sailor with purple hair that stands on end who is ignoring a stall vendor
An one-armed man holding a flask of oil who is walking in a trance
A focused wheelwright with shining tattoos on their face who is staring at a door
A thrilled acolyte with dirty clothes who is flirting with a pet
A nervous oracle with faded tattoos on their neck who is ignoring a street vendor
A rude sage with formal clothing who is conversing with a husband
A distant envoy with a broken nose who is playing a game
An one-armed monk with a large beetle companion who is telling stories of adventure to a stranger