Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon. [fantasy] [dungeon]

The Forge of the Storm was originally an enchanted fortress and is now a giant's castle. Centuries ago Hightower Martial Syndicate, a group of criminals came to plunder it and last month there was a large fire
The Runed Hill of Bronze Rush is an arcane keep. Importantly an arcane prison was created
The Sanctum of the Illuminated Triad was originally a massive cavern and is now a hidden outpost. It was founded by the bronze queen. But the Courtyard of the End was built here. Then last month there was a historic festival here. there is a portal to another plane
This dungeon was built by the rulers of a nearby nation. It is a gold mine and it has an entrance to an underground realm. It is known as the Broken Maze of Darktooth and recently an adventuring party called Bearers of the Jolly Scribe went missing here
The Chasm of Chaotic Vengeance is a rock mine. Importantly a divine shrine was built