Dungeon History

The Citadel of the Sunless Dead is a planar gate. It was founded by aberrations. Everything changed when trolls took over. But a few weeks ago druids has made a home here
Dawncrown Castle was originally an elven burial ground and is now a sprawling complex. It was founded by the elite of a doomed empire. At some point there was a great contest here and a few years ago a local faction took over. it has a twin in another realm
The Vale of the Astral Lord was originally an iron ship and is now an arena. It was built by orcs. But shadow creatures came to plunder it. And a few years ago a famous duel happened here
Lightblade Temple was originally a graveyard of giant skeletons and is now a magical prison. It was created by the ruler of a doomed city. Importantly there was a great coronation here and last year an ambitious city claimed ownership
The Keep of the Gilded Twins was originally a fiendish shrine and is now a sprawling complex. It was founded by the ruler of an ancient city. The most important event was when there was an infamous betrayal here. Then last year fiends have started gathering here. it is protected by deadly wards