Fantasy Quick Encounter

A work in progress. Currently not great.

terrain: theme:

At a cottage. There is a group of ogres who are guarding the local area. If a fight breaks out possibly a solar eclipse occurs
At an area of rock-strewn ground. There is an archfey who are playing a game. In a fight they they try to capture the foe that stands out most
At a group of damp black fungi. there is a hidden cache with a jade (translucent deep green) (100 gp). There is a wight and a werewolf who are investigating a patch of golden flowers. They have a ribboned eyeball made from satin that has a sweet scent
At a gleaming library. There is a gathering of merchants who are eating
At a few narrow cave entrances. there is the remains of a humanoid. There is a mature vagabond who is investigating an item - empty potion bottle. They have 2d4 tents
At a tangled park. an eldritch mist descends around party
At a sapling. there is a strong scent of berries
At a tall tree. there is a strong smell of something metallic
At a dirty spring. there is a strong wind from the south-east. There is a turtle who is investigating an item - a ghost amulet made from oak with two runes associated with waves given to you at birth
At a stream flowing into a powerful river which has a panoramic view. there is a strong smell of perfume