Fantasy Quick Encounter

A work in progress. Currently not great.

terrain: theme:

At a magical hedge maze.. there is lots of smoke from a large fire
At a large muddy pool fed by a spring. there is a desecrated area. Lingering attracts undead
At a deep pool near a patch of tangled red flowers. there is a cursed area. Lingering attracts spirits
At a barren hill. There is a ghost who is gathered around a fire. They have a ripped map to a nearby cave system with notes in an unknown language
At a sacred clearing. It is at the top of a hill. It has a portal to Bonehelm Caverns. It is sacred to a power of healing.. There is an elf skeleton who is infected with a disease. They have a Stone of Wonder that is associated with a death cult
At a meadow of dense flowers. There is an artificer who are spying on something. Possible combat event is... scavengers are attracted by the fighting
At a quiet monastery which is associated with a dangerous mage. singing is heard in the distance from a pool
At a rocky hill. there is a flag on a pole. there are beasts carrying disease
At a glistening cave entrance. There is a squad of thieves who are playing an instrument. In a fight maybe a wagon rolls by out of control
At a meeting of two rivers. There is a goat who is larger than normal (extra health)