Fantasy Quick Encounter

Encounters for fantasy games, filterable by terrain or theme. Provides a location and something to encounter there.

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terrain: type: theme:

At an overgrown trail. The area is touched by divine magic. There is a few cultists who are guarding the local area. In a fight they they quickly retreat and try attacking again from ambush
At an area of heath. There is a hedonistic druid who is gathered around a fire
At a narrow track. It has a splendid view. There is a sad ghost who is talking with someone - a stylish sage called Carric. They have a crazy pet weasel
At a tree with a platform and rope ladder and a patch of yellow flowers. There is a remorseful guide and a proud politician who are searching for the party
There is a tree-monster who are displaying the symbol of a local deity. If a fight breaks out possibly someone spots a dangerous flying creature. It will circle once then fly on. At an ornate statue with a pedastal
There is a patriotic warlock who is stalking something. At a tall sapling by an overgrown hole
At an enchanted bridge. There is a gallant alchemist who is playing with a pet
At a shallow brook fed by a spring. a storm is approaching. There is a band of cutthroats who are following a treasure map. If a fight breaks out possibly a messenger on a mount tries to around or through the combat
There is a whirlwind. At a foreboding island
At a covered cave entrance and an ornate statue of a kneeling elf skeleton. There is a thirsty skeleton who is cleaning themselves. They have a scarred pet parrot