Fantasy Quick Encounter

A work in progress. Currently not great.

terrain: theme:

At a sheltered tomb. clothing is strewn around. there is a snow blizzard
At a deep pool with many insects. there are fresh tracks of something large nearby. there are insects carrying disease
At a shallow pond with something shiny surrounded by moss. There is a ghost who is partway through a migration. They have A long bone marked with the words “Chaos”, “Glory” and “Betrayal” in Infernal
At a ruined obelisk. There is an undead who are tired. In a fight they they make use of a potion of healing
At a beach of black sand. there is a pile of leaves. There is a human zombie who is mutilated in some way. They have a dumb pet direwolf
At a tangled garden. There is a demon who are searching for a place. In a fight they they act in a disciplined manner
At a circular hole. There is a band of sellswords who are playing a game. If a fight breaks out possibly opportunist(s) tries to steal mounts/backpacks or other loose equipment
At an area of heath. nearby is the fresh corpse of a monster. there is a dust or sand storm
At an area of dry bracken. There is a dwarf skeleton who is resting
At an abandoned burial ground which is associated with lizards. nearby is the fresh corpse of a vampire. There is a fierce herder who is washing themselves