Fantasy Quick Encounter

Encounters for fantasy games, filterable by terrain or theme. Provides a location and something to encounter there.

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terrain: type: theme:

There is a pair of orcs who are angry about something. They have a disguised Wand of Fire that belonged to a legendary mage. At a muddy stream
There is a stampede of herd beasts. At a decaying hedge maze
There is a squad of deserters who are hunting a beast. In a fight they they focus on the most heavily armored foes. At a stream
At a pool with many insects. there is a pile of bones. There is a reckless wraith who is building something. Also, they are exploring the area
At an unattended wagon with 2 draft horses surrounded by dirt. there is a desecrated area. Lingering attracts spirits
At a patch of overgrown white flowers. There is a group of outlaws who are injured in some way (not at full health). In a fight they they retreat carefully if it goes badly
Screams are heard in the distance from a cave mouth. At an area of rock-strewn ground
At a sapling by a sacred spring. earth tremors from earthquake or other source
There is a wounded ghost who is dancing. At a brightly-painted mansion
There is a panicked shark who is waiting for something. At a pond with many frogs and a patch of green flowers. there is a cool wind from the south