Fantasy Foraging

Foraging finds from a successful check. All plants are made up / fantastical. [fantasy] [wilderness] [foraging] []

You find food for 1d6 days. It is mostly tasty flowers. You also find a sinister statue on the edge of ruins
You find food for 3d6 days. You also find some sweet firebreath. It is a fragrant herb, it has bulbous fruits and it is identified with a local religion.
You find food for 2d6 days. It is some edible leaves with a little leafy greens.
You find lots of goldpepper. It is a large vegetable, it has a thick stem and it may cause skin irritation. You also find an expensive tent
You find food for 1d4 days. You also find some mooncotton. It is a climber, it has colourful flowers and it is prized for its healing properties. You also find a placard advertising a local event