Fantasy Foraging

Foraging finds from a successful check. All plants are made up / fantastical.

You find sustenance for 2d8 days. It is a mix of eggs and roots. You also find a bloodstained body
You find food for 1d4 days. It is a mix of nutritious plants and edible flowers. You also attract the attention of an inquisitive predator
You find lots of sunburr. It is a tall fern, it has distinctive flowers and it's flowers are often added to stews. You also find a bloodstained memorial attended by a local
You find sustenance for 3d6 days. It is mostly grubs and worms. You also find a wanted poster
You find an unexpected patch of stink-hood. It is a hardy weed, it has a long stem and it is sought after by alchemists. You also find a damaged wagon