Fantasy Foraging

Foraging finds from a successful check. All plants are made up / fantastical.

You find some wild Buck's rose. It is a sweet-smelling moss, it has green, spiky leaves and it's leaves yield a silver dye. You also find a sinister statue on the edge of ruins
You find food for 2d8 days. It is a mix of small animals and small animals. You also find fresh bloodstains
You find a torn bag with 1 days worth of rations. It also has a pouch of coins and a map marking several ruins in the local area.
You find an unexpected patch of Mermustard. It is a sweet-smelling bush, it has large, translucent leaves and it is used as a medicine for coughs.
You find some arrowcotton. It is a bitter plant, it has a long stem and it is prized in poultices. You also find a secret cache of treasure