Fantasy Foraging

Foraging finds from a successful check. All plants are made up / fantastical. [fantasy] [wilderness] [foraging] []

You find a torn bag with 1 days worth of rations. It also has a pouch of coins and a map marking several ruins in the local area.
You find some bronzebulb. It is a bitter weed, it has large flowers and it is used as a seasoning. You find a spade
You find food for 3d6 days. It is mostly nutritious stalks.
You find food for 3d6 days. It is some edible roots with a little grubs and worms. Unfortunately you also get stung
You find sustenance for 2d8 days. You also find some dark root. It is a fine grass, it has bulbous berries and it is prized for its large berries. You also find a concealed tomb entrance with faded writing in an ancient tongue